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How to Care for Moissanite Jewelry

 How To Care For Moissanite Jewelry


Moissanite rings are a hit in the engagement ring industry. Their mesmerizing glint and glimmer make them the perfect center stones, side stones, and accent stones. They come in various cuts and sizes and sit regally on shanks of platinum or gold. If you are the lucky lady who has received a ring with this desirable gemstone, you’ve probably wondered how to care for moissanite jewelry. With this handy guide on how to care for your moissanite ring, your ring will sparkle and so will your eyes and your smile every time you look at it.

Wearing Moissanite Jewelry in the Water

You’re certainly curious about how to take care of a moissanite ring in the water. If your moissanite ring and your finger are inseparable, you probably don’t slip it off your finger when taking a frothy shower, plunking yourself into the pool, frolicking in the ocean, or reclining in your hot tub. Moissanite engagement rings are tough as nails and will not dissolve like salt crystals in the water, but they are vulnerable.

Swimming pools contain chemicals like chlorine, calcium chloride, and algaecides that could upset the luster of your moissanite rings. Exposure to minerals in ocean water creates deposits. Your bath products are also rife with chemicals. Scum from soap and shampoos can accumulate in the under-gallery and around the prongs.

Though moissanite wont have any effect but if the setting is made in Silver, we won’t recommend to use it while shower or swimming as it will get tarnish. If the setting is made in 10k, 14k, 18k or platinum there won’t be any effect of water.

The Right Time to Take Off My Ring

While chemicals cause their fair share of woes, nothing compares to the anxiety of looking at your ring to see a missing stone or looking at your finger to see a missing ring. Water sports, strong ocean waves, the lubrication of bath products, and the shrinking effect of water temperatures on human skin could dislodge your ring. Retrieving your ring from a sink drain is messy and slightly arduous, but not impossible. Locating moissanite rings in public pools or oceans, however, would call for a Titanic-style expedition. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry on such occasions, take off your ring and store it safely. That’s how to care for a moissanite ring in dicey situations.

how to clean moissanite jewelry

You might also want to remove your ring if your finger swells or aches. Ring rash is certainly alarming and unsightly, but not fatal. If your ring is old and neglected, chances are your skin is reacting to the nickel. The topical application of a cortisone cream will relieve your finger in a matter of hours or days. Transfer your ring to another finger in the meanwhile. If the soreness persists or spreads to the new finger, remove your ring, get it cleaned, and see a doctor. Note: Diamondrensu don’t use nickel for any of the rings made by them, they all are nickel free.

Storing My Moissanite Ring When Not Wearing It

Safe and sensible storage is a big part of how to take care of your moissanite ring. The two most important things to consider are where you’ll keep your ring and in what. Because your ring is sentimentally and financially valuable, you can’t leave it in a conspicuous place like your dining table or a careless place like your bathroom cabinet. The ideal place to store your ring is the locker in your closet. Keep your ring in its original box which was designed keeping in mind the size of the ring, its metal, and those precious moissanite stones. If you prefer a jewelry box, keep your moissanite ring among pieces made of the same metal to avoid discoloration. Ask your jeweler for an airtight pouch and a few sachets of silica gel if you feel boxes are too inflexible.

Cleaning My Moissanite Ring

Before storing your moissanite ring, you must clean it well. Your jeweler will give you all the pro tips on how to clean moissanite jewelry. Wash your ring in a bowl of clean, warm water. To avoid mishaps, don’t hold it under a spurting faucet or dunk it in a boiling container. To the water, you could add a few drops of store-bought jewelry cleaning solution. A mild dishwashing liquid will also work wonders. Take care that you don’t use anything too harsh. Most rings come with boxes and a microfiber cloth. Use this cloth to get rid of dead cells, dust, and mineral buildups, and restore the sparkle to your ring. 

When you’re done cleaning your ring, dry it completely if you intend to store it. Otherwise, moisture will tarnish it. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers are your biggest allies during summer and damp weather because they will properly ventilate your room and keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

How Often Should I Clean My Moissanite Ring?

You should clean your moissanite ring monthly to avert degradation and bacterial growth. Now that you know how to care for your engagement ring, you can clean it yourself with minimal effort. Showing your ring some love once a month will keep it bright. It will also do your fingers a favor because, with a clean ring, they are less likely to break out with ring rash. Don’t clean your ring infrequently, but don’t clean it too frequently either. Unnecessary cleaning will do more harm than good.

Taking the Ring to a Professional Cleaner

If you’re too nervous, too klutzy, or simply don’t have the time, take your moissanite ring to a commercial cleaner. For a reasonable, worthy price, the experts will clean your jewelry. Depending on the price of the piece, the brand, and loyalty points (or a combination of these), some jewelers offer these services free of charge. Because they are trained and seasoned professionals, they know how to care for a moissanite ring. Their sharp eyes will detect things you might miss and their sophisticated equipment will deep-clean and polish your precious ring till it's good as new.

Before entrusting your ring to a cleaner, enquire about their experience and their prices. Read online reviews to appraise the quality of their service. The cleaners should thoroughly understand the properties of moissanite and the metal of the ring.

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If you’re the proud owner of a splendid engagement ring, or if you’re still wondering, “Where can I get a moissanite ring?”, hopefully you won’t fumble with how to care for moissanite jewelry after reading this article. Flaunt your gift of eternal love or gift your special someone a moissanite ring today and show them what they mean to you.