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Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring

Who Was Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor was well-known for a variety of reasons. Her name is renowned all over the world as an acclaimed actress who has been in numerous big TV shows and films. But she is well-known for more than just her performances. Taylor also collected jewels in addition to movie appearances. She didn't, however, buy much of it. Instead, the men she dated, and occasionally married, kept buying it for her. It wasn't just any old jewelry either. Taylor's collection at the time of her death featured items that are legendary.

The Love Story

On the set of her classic picture "Cleopatra," Elizabeth Taylor met Richard Burton. The paparazzi caught the pair on many amorous escapades while they were filming in Rome. Given that both actors were married at the time, this generated quite a stir.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were extremely famous couples who lived their lives in the spotlight. They would appear in 11 films together, but they were best known for their opulent lifestyle, which included vacations across the world on yachts and private jets.

Their hot love story continued long after the film was completed, and it was evident that the pair was completely in love. Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, just nine days after her divorce from her fourth husband.

The Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring Introduction

When it comes to celebrities, no one knows engagement rings better than Elizabeth Taylor. This iconic leading lady has had eight weddings in her lifetime, which may explain why she is often connected with a love of diamonds. And, in true fashion, she wore one of the most magnificent and opulent engagement rings in history.

A diamond named after you usually indicates one of two things. That you are significant enough to merit it, and that the diamond is unique. It was originally known as the Krupp diamond for its original diamond, but it was renamed the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond after the engagement ring Richard Burton purchased for Taylor in 1968.

Burton spent $307,000 diamond after it was auctioned off following Vera Krupp's death. He gave it to Taylor while they were anchored in London on their yacht. Taylor elected to have the diamond set into a ring, and the resulting piece became a part of both her legend and her collection.

Elizabeth Taylor

As previously stated, the ring was created in 1968, shortly after Burton gifted Taylor with the diamond. Taylor has previously stated that the ring is her favorite piece in her whole collection.

Taylor and Burton divorced twice. After their 1964 marriage ended in divorce in 1974, the couple discovered how much they needed one other. As a result, they remarried in 1975. This gave the engagement ring greater legitimacy as an engagement ring rather than just another ring with a large diamond in it.

Taylor sold some things from her Burton-given collection when they separated again in 1976. These included the massive Taylor-Burton diamond, which Burton purchased from Cartier in 1969 for $1.12 million. Despite its small size in relation to the Taylor-Burton diamond, she elected to keep the engagement ring. Although she was resentful of Burton at the time, she was insistent that the engagement ring would accompany her wherever she went.

The three-stone arrangement is highlighted by a stunning Asscher cut center stone, a shape popularised during the Art Deco era. The Asscher cut diamond, precisely flanked by two tapered baguettes, mixes antique and modern styles.

With so many celebrities wearing identical rings, it's no surprise that many other ladies around the world adore this style; it's excellent for both vintage and modern women!

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring Cost & Specifications:

  • Center Stone: 33.19 carats Asscher cut diamond, D color, VS1 internally flawless (Classified by the GIA as a chemically pure Type IIa diamond from the Golconda region of India sometime prior to 1909.)
  • Accent Diamonds: Two baguette-cut diamonds flank the center Krupp diamond.
  • Metal: Platinum
  • In 1968, the cost was:  $305,000.
  • Christie's recently sold it for $8,818,500 in 2011. (The estimate was between $2.5 and $3 million.)


Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring - The Back Story

Elizabeth Taylor had a tremendous ability to flip the script on certain topics. She accomplished this with the story of the magnificent 33.19-carat Krupp diamond. Taylor explained in her 2002 book My Love Affair with Jewelry:

Vera Krupp, a descendant of the renowned munitions family that helped drive millions of Jews from Europe, acquired this magnificent stone, which is why it is known as the Krupp Diamond. When it was up for auction in the late 1960s, I thought to myself, "How perfect would it be for a decent Jewish girl like me to own it?"

The Krupp Diamond was first made known to Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Richard Burton when it was auctioned off at Sotheby's Park-Bernet in New York. Because of its remarkable features, the diamond piqued the curiosity of several famous collectors. It is regarded as one of the world's finest diamonds.

The Asscher cut diamond (also known as a cut-cornered rectangle gem) has been graded at the highest color D by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The clarity rating is VS1, which means that minute defects are difficult to discern under magnification. A schematic of the gem developed several years later indicates that it may be flawless.

The Krupp is classified as a Type IIa diamond. The particular grade indicates that it is a chemically pure stone, most likely from the renowned mine in India's Golconda region.

Richard Burton paid the highest price for a diamond to date when he bought the gem at auction after a furious bidding war. It cost a little more than $300,000. (By paying more than $1 million for the 69.42-carat Taylor Burton Diamond in 1969, Burton broke this record, but that's another tale.)

The pair coveted the stone as soon as they won it. Because they didn't have insurance on the piece, Ward Landrigan, the auctioneer who conducted the Park Benet sale, drove to Wales where they were vacationing to deliver the ring and effectively keep an eye on it while they arranged for insurance.

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring

Liz Taylor was obviously pleased with Richard Burton's present. She wore the Krupp Diamond for the rest of her life, flaunting it in front of the cameras whenever she could. This magnificent engagement diamond was surely worth the wait.

From “Krupp Diamond” to “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond”

Elizabeth Taylor died in 2011 at the age of 79. Years of disease, as well as past addictions to both alcohol and prescription medications, had taken their toll. Due to long-term severe back difficulties, she used a wheelchair in her latter years and rarely appeared in public. People had told Taylor that she "...would be late for her own funeral" because of her terrible timekeeping throughout her life. So she made plans to do exactly that. The funeral service began 15 minutes late at her wish, confirming her legacy as Hollywood royalty.

Taylor's complete jewelry collection was auctioned off at Christie's on December 16, 2011. The final sale price was an astounding $156.8 million. This included $8.8 million for the engagement ring, which featured the Krupp – now renamed Taylor – diamond. It was the highest per-carat price ever paid for a colorless diamond at the time, well over $265,000. E-Land, a South Korean firm, purchased the property.

33.19 carat Asscher cut engagement ring

It's a shame Liz Taylor's fake engagement ring is no longer visible in public. Beautiful jewelry is not supposed to be concealed or displayed as a curiosity. Its power to excite and enchant is part of its charm. Given that it was Taylor's favorite item, we're sure she'd like to see it on someone's finger as well.


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