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Halo Engagement Rings: A-Z Buying Guide

Halo Engagement Rings: A-Z Buying Guide

Halo engagement rings are the talk of the town. With their beauty and versatility, halo rings have claimed their throne on everyone’s hands, from Eva Longoria’s halo of diamonds to Kelly Clarkson’s yellow engagement ring. However, purchasing the perfect can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time shoppers. This guide will answer all your questions if you cannot decide on the ring’s cut, color, carat, clarity, or budget. Once you become an expert, you can find the halo ring of your dreams in Diamondrensu’s personalized catalog!

1.77 CT Princess Cut Colorless Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring for Women

1.77 CT Princess Cut Colorless Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring for Women

History of Halo Engagement Rings

Halo rings have traveled the world and lived through different eras. You can trace their origins back to 18th-century Europe when round diamonds were household names. During the Georgian period, people were fond of ring designs where a row of small diamonds encircled the larger center stone. The fanciness of this design appealed to the masses, as it made the centerpiece look bigger.

The Georgian era also featured tiny pearls surrounding the center diamond. Soon, halo rings became a symbol of wealth and societal standing. Halo rings then traveled to the Victorian age from 1837 to 1901. However, unlike the Georgian era, which favored colorless diamonds, the Victorian period was fascinated with colored gemstones, which they used as centerpieces. Today, halo engagement rings come in various sizes and designs, from modern and vintage cuts with tiny diamonds surrounding a huge jewel.

Why is Halo Engagement Rings in Demand?

Halo engagement rings will make your life brighter with their durability and designs. Diamondrensu’s halo rings are excellent choices for getting down on one knee and popping the question:

  • Slight Inclusions: You do not have to worry about visible inclusions, as halo rings hide internal flaws, especially when a halo of tiny diamonds surrounds the center stone.
  • Pavé Setting: Choosing a pavé setting ring makes your accessory look bolder and brighter.
  • Decorate with Diamonds: Halo rings are compatible with various diamond sizes and shapes.
  • Modern Antiquity: Halo engagement rings perfectly blend modernity with the nostalgia of vintage designs.

What is the Best Clarity for Halo Rings?

When purchasing halo engagement rings, choose one with VVS clarity. A diamond has six clarity scales, and VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included) ranks top. VVS diamonds ensure that your gem is inclusion-free. Since the naked eye cannot spot the stone’s inclusions, light passes easily through it. For instance, this 3.49 TCW moissanite halo ring makes your ring look more dynamic and shinier.

1.98 TW Cushion Brilliant Cut Split Shank Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

1.98 TW Cushion Brilliant Cut Split Shank Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

What is the Best Color for Halo Rings?

You can purchase two types of halo rings, depending on your preference: transparent and colored. A diamond with a D grade means it is devoid of color, making it transparent and clear. Transparent halo rings are trendy due to their sparkle and rarity. If you believe in traditions, a colorless, D-grade hidden halo engagement ring is a fantastic choice to commemorate your special day.

Alternatively, if you would like to bring a dash of color to this new milestone, you can buy a colored halo ring. Times are evolving, and people have begun gravitating towards more unconventional choices, such as this blue-colored antique halo ring.

If blue is not your color, you can find the perfect ring in any color you like, such as red, yellow, cyan, or orange. Besides being a non-traditional choice, colored diamonds also have a unique lighting pattern, making them the perfect companion to tag along for your proposal.

What is the Best Cut for Halo Rings?

The best part about halo engagement rings is the cuts they offer. Contrary to the popular misconception, a diamond’s cut is not only its shape; it also includes the stone’s symmetry and polish. The diamond cut you choose determines your ring’s appearance, making the halo diamond ring ideal for popping the question and celebrating your love. When buying a halo ring, you can select princess cuts, cushion brilliant cuts, and oval cuts as starting points.

Our Picks for Princess-Cut Rings

  • 1.77 CT Princess Cut Colorless Moissanite Halo Ring
  • 0.50 to 5.0 CT Princess Cut Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring

Our Picks for Cushion Brilliant-Cut Rings

  • 1.98 TW Cushion Brilliant Cut Split Shank Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring
  • 5.57 TCW Cushion Brilliant Cut Cyan Blue Moissanite Halo Pave Wedding Ring

Our Picks for Oval-Cut Rings

  • 0.81 CT Oval Cyan Blue Moissanite Ring
  • 4.44 CT Oval Cut Canary Yellow Moissanite Ring, Halo Engagement Ring

What is the Best Carat for Halo Rings?

When deciding on your stone’s weight, consider your preference and taste. For instance, 1-carat diamonds are all-rounder stones, as they fulfill all buyer requirements, such as cut (they are perfectly symmetrical) and clarity (they are polished and inclusion-free). Furthermore, a 1-carat stone lets you customize its fire and brilliance.

On the other hand, a four-carat halo ring allows the light to pass through it, making its surface reflective. Make sure that light bounces off each surface in the ring you buy. Moreover, you should also ensure that the diamond’s weight is worth its price. The correct hidden halo engagement ring can provide versatility, brilliance, durability, clarity, and scintillation.

Our Picks

  • 3.19 TW Pear with Black Baguette Moissanite Unique Double Halo Ring (1.98 CT)
  • 5.60 TW Oval Cut Moissanite Split Shank Double Halo Pave Moissanite Ring (1.59 CT)
  • Vintage Engagement Ring, 5.19 TW Cushion Rensu Cut Halo Ring (4.58 CT)

What is Your Budget?

No matter what you shop for, every shopping spree comes with a piece of universal advice: set your budget—this advice is especially essential when buying a hidden halo engagement ring. While there is no specific norm when purchasing engagement rings, the most important thing to remember is your financial situation. Since an engagement ring is personal, any design you purchase will reflect your love and appreciation for your fiancé-to-be.

Choose a ring that comfortably fits your budget. You must also factor in your partner’s preferences and desires, such as a favorite color, phrase, or date. Starting a life together is exciting but expensive since engagement parties and wedding preparations tend to add zeroes to your bill. Therefore, instead of following traditional buying guides, you should buy a halo ring that you can afford while accommodating your partner’s needs.

4.44 CT Oval Cut Canary Yellow Moissanite Ring, Halo Engagement Ring

4.44 CT Oval Cut Canary Yellow Moissanite Ring, Halo Engagement Ring

What is the Best Metal for Halo Rings?

When buying a halo ring, silver, gold, and platinum are the three most popular metal types. In addition to the metal type, you should also pay attention to the metal tone.

White Metal Tone

White is a go-to metal tone choice for halo engagement rings. White metals combine yellow gold with rhodium, giving your ring strength and durability. Moreover, this metal tone looks stunning when paired with a red dress, as its yellow-gold color casts a beautiful shine against the backdrop of your partner’s red outfit. A white metal also complements the ring’s framework, making it the perfect metal choice for your halo diamond ring.

Rose Metal Tone

Rose is another common metal choice for halo engagement rings. In addition to engagements, halo rings with rose metal are popular purchases during Valentine’s week, as the metal’s pink color resembles the flavor of Valentine’s Day and resonates with romance.

Rose halo engagement rings symbolize love and affection; they are crafted with patience and designed to make special moments even more memorable. If you want a ring that signifies romance and admiration, your search ends with a rose halo ring.

Platinum Metal Tone

Halo rings’ uniqueness lies in their design—a circle of tiny diamonds surrounding the center stone. Platinum’s color and texture make the halo of diamonds stand out, making the halo diamond ring look brighter and sparkly.

Yellow Metal Tone

A yellow halo ring is known for its scintillation and fire. If you want your proposal to feel magical, yellow halo engagement rings will fill your special moment with glitter and pizzazz. Their transparency and clarity symbolize healthy and open communication in relationships. Furthermore, yellow metals do not require other metals for sturdiness and durability; they provide your ring with ample support and strength.

What is the Best Shape for Halo Rings?

Since an engagement is a personal and intimate affair, the shape of your halo ring should reflect your personality and your partner’s preferences. As a buyer, you should pick your favorite shape, whether round, square, or oval.

For instance, a 4.00 CT Cushion Cut Amazing Split Shank Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring features a sparkly cushion moissanite encircled by small round-cut diamonds that add liveliness to the ring. Alternatively, this rose-cut hexagon ring includes a micro pavé setting of tiny round-cut diamonds surrounding the large center stone, cut in a neat hexagon rose-cut shape.

3.19 TW Pear with Black Baguette Moissanite Unique Double Halo Ring

3.19 TW Pear with Black Baguette Moissanite Unique Double Halo Ring

Wrapping Up

Halo engagement rings make engagements and proposals infinitely more special and memorable. What makes halo rings stand out is their versatility. You can find them in any style and design, such as solitaire and three-stone. Halo engagement rings signify love, romance, and affection; they help you achieve milestones and make new memories. Diamondrensu’s carefully curated selection of halo engagement rings will fill your special day with love and joy. Head to our catalog and find the perfect ring connecting you and your partner!