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How to Choose a 3 Stone Engagement Ring

How to Choose a 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Everyone has their expression of love, and each engagement ring is symbolic of that expression. Picking the right ring needs all your attention; knowing about your partner’s preferences, what kind of stone would be ideal, the carat, size, and design- there’s a lot to think about. You can take the traditional route and opt for a solitaire ring, but if you’re proposing to the love of your life, then why not break the convention and go for something different? If you want a ring that your partner will remember forever, then you look into a 3 stone engagement ring. So, what are they, and what makes them so special? Keep reading to find out. 

Princess Cut Three Stones Engagement Ring, 2.70 TCW G/VS Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift Ring

Princess Cut Three Stones Engagement Ring, 2.70 TCW G/VS Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift Ring

What is a Three-Stone Setting?

Today, there are a huge number of engagement ring designs available in the market, each with its uniqueness and striking features. A three-stone setting is slowly trending, and for a good reason. As the name suggests, a three-stone engagement ring has three stones sitting horizontally on a metal band. The stones can either be of different types, colors, and sizes or be the same, giving an understated yet extravagant look. 

Significance of a 3 Stone Engagement Ring

The three stones hold a lot of significance, even more so than other types of engagement rings. Some people say that the stones represent the couple’s past, present, and future, celebrating their journey through time. Each stone is a reminder of the milestones they have crossed, the present moment that they share, and all the adventures the future holds. 

Some also believe that the three stones represent the Holy Trinity, while others state that it is symbolic of the three pillars of a relationship- fidelity, friendship, and love. No matter the meaning, couples around the world have gravitated toward the design for its beauty, grandeur, and distinctiveness. 

Ways to Choose the Right Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Before investing, you must know how to select the right kind that’ll match your and your partner’s requirements. If you wish to create a checklist before buying, here’s what it should include. 

What Kinds of Stones Should It Have?

Now, a three-stone ring allows you to customize it however you want. You can keep a solitaire diamond in the middle and put gemstones on each side. You can even go for your partner’s birthstone to make the ring extra special and valuable. Or, you can keep it extremely classy and elegant and use just diamonds. You can use diamonds of different hues to add a touch of color. 

What Size Should It Be? 

The three stones are usually different in size, wherein the center one is usually bigger than the two surrounding it. You can opt for a bigger carat diamond to make the center of the 3 stone diamond ring the showstopper, or you can keep it uniform and go for similar sizes for all three. The choice will depend on how extravagant or subtle you want the ring to be. 

What Color Metal Band Should I Go For?

Your ring comprises the stones as well as the metal band on which it will be placed. You can go with a platinum/silver band that pairs well with diamonds, or if you’re using colored stones, then speak with the jewelry designer about what metal tone will compliment them the most. At Diamondrensu, some designers make customizations while helping you create the ring of your dreams. 

Pros and Cons of a Three-Stone Setting

Choosing a ring is all about following your instincts and finding what speaks to you. Three-stoned rings are stunning beauties, but to help you out, here are some pros and cons that will help you decide whether the three stone engagement ring design is worth the price and effort. 


It Holds Deep Significance

As discussed earlier, one of the reasons why a three stone engagement ring is perfect for proposals is because of its symbolic meaning. When a ring represents your love’s past, present, and future, and is a reflection of your friendship, loyalty, and faith toward each other, then its importance transcends beyond its physical and material form. It becomes more than a ring- it becomes an extension of your companionship and the love you share and will continue to share for the rest of your lives. 

It is Impeccably Designed

Keeping that aside, you want a ring that looks exquisite and is as beautiful as your partner. A 3 stone diamond ring exudes elegance and grace, and if you’re investing in an engagement ring, then it should be luxurious and look like the only one of its kind. 

More Scope for Customization

Another great thing about a 3 stone engagement ring is that it has more possibilities for personalization. You can use a different color for the center stone or different colors for the side ones. You can also experiment with shapes and cut. 

IGI Certified 2.01 CT Oval and Half Moon Lab Grown Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

IGI Certified 2.01 CT Oval and Half Moon Lab Grown Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring


Can be Expensive

One concern that people have is that these rings will be more expensive than a single-stoned ring. It can be slightly heavier on the wallet, especially if you choose a heavier and bigger carat, but it will become all the more valuable and priceless. 

Another solution is to go for lab-grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds, which are relatively cheaper and are as real and original as naturally-occurring diamonds.

Possibly Impractical for Everyday Wear

Another thing that may be an issue for some is that a 3 stone engagement ring can be slightly uncomfortable to wear if your partner does physically demanding work daily. If that is the case, you can customize the ring and fit stones that will not be scratched and get damaged when working.

What are the Most Popular Shapes for a 3 Stone Engagement Ring?

Once you decide you want to propose to the love of your life with a 3-stone diamond ring, then it’s time to decide the shape and cut that would go well with your vision of the ring. There are multiple diamond-cut options available; from oval, and square, to emerald and princess, you can choose cuts that will elevate the look of your ring. Diamondrensu has a  three-stone engagement ring series, so it can be your one-stop-shop for your needs. 

If your partner loves subtle and sophisticated designs, then a princess-cut 3 stone diamond ring is exactly what you need. The stones are sized uniformly and will not look bulky on the finger. The platinum/silver band pairs well with the colorless stones, but if you want to add a touch of color, you can also choose a gold or rose-gold band. 

Here’s an example of a ring that truly celebrates the beauty of diamonds in all its glory. The 2-carat Oval-cut stunner sits right in the center, surrounded by half-moon-shaped diamonds that perfectly complete the design. It’s for the ladies who enjoy a bit of luxury. 

If you’re looking to add a splash of color into their lives, then choose a colored diamond such as this yellow one that is cut in a dainty pear shape. At Diamondrensu, you can easily customize the stone’s color by speaking to the designers, who will guide and cooperate with you until you’re satisfied with your purchase. 

1.01 CT Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring, Side Trapezoid Three Stone Diamond Ring

If your partner is always on the go and needs a subtle, simple ring that can be worn easily every day, then this extremely elegant and dainty emerald cut ring will be perfect. The center has an emerald-cut diamond, and the sides have a trapezoid-cut diamond. It is cheaper since the stones are smaller, so if you’re on a budget and still want a three-stone ring, then this is the one you want.

1.61 CT Pear Cut Intense Yellow Lab Grown Diamond Three Stones Engagement Ring

1.61 CT Pear Cut Intense Yellow Lab Grown Diamond Three Stones Engagement Ring

So, What Ring Will You Choose?

Picking a ring for the love of your life can be tough. Since you want to give them the best, then why not pick a three-stoned ring that will be invaluable and priceless for the rest of your life? It checks all the boxes; it’s beautiful, stylish, unique, and deeply symbolic. Your proposal and engagement are truly milestones, so celebrate your love with a ring that signifies commitment, love, and passion. 

At Diamondrensu, the designers have curated a range of three stone engagement rings that are so diverse they’ll fit the needs of every single person who’s looking for such rings. You can always customize the ring so that it fits all your requirements. You can speak to the designers, and they will translate your ideas beautifully into an intricately designed piece that will be cherished and remembered forever. Head over to the website to browse through the collection!