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Move Over Diamonds – Moissanite Is a Girl's New BFF

Move Over Diamonds – Moissanite Is a Girl's New BFF

As times change, new, brighter, and shinier things come up that people gravitate towards. Even Internet Explorer, which started as everyone's best friend and partner in crime, had to shut down when Google Chrome rose. The world is migrating to better and more efficient solutions, and diamonds are not an exception to the case. Gone are the days when diamonds were a girl's best friend; the new BFF in town is moissanite! A substitute for diamonds, moissanite rings from Diamondrensu is your card out of spending a fortune to own a stunning stone. Whether it is your engagement, wedding, or any other occasion, wear the best moissanite ring on your finger and sparkle the brightest.

Dr. Henry Moissan, a French chemist, found the silicon carbide product in the late nineteenth century while investigating rock samples of a meteor that crashed on Earth. You must be wondering, "What makes moissanite so special?" Moissanite is one of a kind because it costs less than a diamond but rivals the stone in every aspect. Regardless of the reason – be it your anniversary, birthday, or wedding party – buying a diamond ring might put a considerable dent in your account. On the other hand, moissanite rings offer you a gorgeous hand accessory for a much more reasonable rate without compromising its quality, sparkle, and beauty.

 Compared to diamond, moissanite's rare and unique features, such as its price, durability, and similarity to natural diamonds, make it the perfect engagement or wedding present. The beauty of moissanite is not limited to weddings or engagements; moissanite also makes for an excellent birthday or mother's day gift. It is your best friend if you want to treat yourself to something elegant and beautiful. 

pear cut moissanite engagement ring

A Buying Guide for Moissanite Engagement Rings

Adorn a moissanite engagement ring at your engagement and feel like a star – literally. If you are a first-time moissanite shopper, you can rest assured that buying a suitable ring is a hassle-free and exciting experience if you follow this buyer's guide.

Never Compromise on the Quality

What sets moissanite apart from other stones is its unique features. The moissanite gemstone is known for its out-of-this-world characteristics, such as its refractive index, brightness, and luster. Buying a moissanite ring will make you the owner of the stone with an extremely high dispersion rate. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a diamond's dispersion rate is 0.44, whereas a moissanite's is 0.104.

Light on Your Pockets

Moissanite prices are affordable compared to the market's most traditional stones. However, despite its affordability, moissanite offers the same — and in some cases, even better — features other stones have.

Wear Your Moissanite Ring Tension-Free

Moissanite diamond rings possess incredibly high durability. The more durable a stone is, the longer it lasts. According to the Mohs hardness scale, moissanite's hardness stands at 9.25, which is remarkably high. Given its durability, moissanite will not break or chip and will remain sparkly for years. If you want a ring for everyday use, the best moissanite ring will rest on your hand without giving you grey hair.

Not Satisfied With the Choices? Get Your Ring Customized!

The beauty of a moissanite ring is that you can get it customized per your wishes. The ring you wear reflects your personality and marks your special day. If you want a ring with a personal engraving, such as a phrase, date, or name, or wish to wear your ring in a different shape or size, you can easily personalize a moissanite ring to cater to your preferences! As a bonus point, with a moissanite ring's price, you can make enough room in your budget to accommodate your requirements.

Moissanite Maintenance

A moissanite ring is easy to maintain. You can wash your ring monthly using lukewarm or hot water and a jeweler-approved soap to clean it. While cleaning your ring, rinse it gently using a soft brush. Cleaning or wiping a moissanite ring might affect its shine despite its durability.


old european cut moissanite ring


Why Choose Moissanite Over a Diamond?

Steering away from a decade-old tradition of passing down diamonds as a family heirloom or wrapping it up as a wedding gift might make you hesitate. However, your decision to gift a moissanite wedding ring instead of a diamond ring makes you as unique as a moissanite. There are multiple reasons why diamonds had to scooch over to give the wheel to moissanite, such as:

Color Clarity

While it is true that both diamond and moissanite are colorless, the key difference between the two is color clarity. Diamonds are entirely colorless, whereas colorless moissanite contains yellow, green, or grey hues. The very slight inclusion of moissanite also makes the tinge of yellow or green more visible in larger moissanite.

Moissanite is More Brilliant (In the Literal Sense)

A stone's sparkle is called its 'brilliance.' A gemstone's refractive index disperses the light that passes through it into different colors. In a diamond, the refractive index is singular, which lowers the stone's ability to reflect light. However, moissanite shows double refraction, meaning the light passing through it breaks down into two parts, increasing its brilliance. The large refractive scale of moissanite gives it a rainbow-like appearance and reflection.

Easy on Your Purse

Diamonds were once deemed a girl's best friend, but a best friend helps you make sound financial decisions, which is what moissanite does. Even though moissanite prices vary according to the stone's shape, size, cut, and carat, at the end of the day, regardless of its features, moissanite will always be more reasonable than a diamond.

Ethical Practices

There are two types of moissanite rings: natural and lab-manufactured. Natural moissanite is a rarity due to its origin, which is why it is usually manufactured in laboratories. Since jewelers use lab-manufactured moissanite, the extra workforce that goes into mining for diamonds is not required to design them. Companies often hire additional labor through unethical and illegal means like trafficking and funding, making them work in dangerous conditions for long durations to find diamonds, putting their lives at risk. Buying moissanite engagement rings would free you of the ethical ramifications of owning unethical stones.

Unique Women's Wedding Rings

Whether you are shopping for a moissanite engagement ring, moissanite's exceptional qualities give you various unique designs to choose from. 

1) Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring, 6.13 TW Hidden Halo Pave Set Moissanite Ring

cushion cut moissanite ring

This colorless moissanite ring is designed using a centerpiece and a side stone. The center stone is a 5.48-carat stone, created in a cushion cut shape, and the side stone offers you a stunning round brilliant cut and a gemstone weighing 0.65 TCW.

2) 3.87 DEW Pear Cut with Marquise Cut Muse Setting Moissanite Wedding Ring

moissanite wedding ring

This pear-cut moissanite ring comes in an ethereal cyan blue color, accompanied by a colorless side round brilliant cut side stone that complements it perfectly.

3) 3.74 TCW Radiant Cut Moissanite Intricate Vintage Halo Engagement Ring


radiant cut moissanite ring

Wear this grey-colored beauty on your hand, with the center stone designed in a gorgeous 2.95-carat radiant cut, supported by a round brilliant cut side stone.

4) 1.0 CT Round Cut Petite Pave Rope Moissanite Engagement Ring
round moissanite ring

This moissanite engagement ring is a two-stone beauty. With its VVS inclusion, both stones offer incredible clarity. The centerpiece is an elegant, brilliant-cut moissanite stone, and the accompanying stone is a 0.28 TCW colorless gem.

5) Vintage Style Engagement Ring, 2.3 TW Orange Cushion Rensu Cut Anniversary Gift Ring

moissanite engagement rings

If you are an old soul, this champagne-colored vintage ring is the perfect companion for you. Supporting the cushion rensu cut center stone, you have the side stone presented gently and neatly in a round, pear cut.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best moissanite ring to grace your hand, Diamondrensu has the most stunning moissanite engagement ring collection in various colors, shapes, cuts, and sizes. Celebrate your special day with your loved ones and make it even more special with a moissanite ring.