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Minimalist Jewelry: A Beginner's Guide

Minimalist Jewelry: A Beginner's Guide


Fashion trends come and go, but style is forever. Of all the styles that have worked their way back into pop culture, minimalism is having a moment. Be it decor, design, or fashion, sleek and minimalist style has garnered more fans than any other. For all those who feel overdressed and out of place while wearing large jewelry designs and multiple pieces, Diamondrensu is here with the best solution.

Minimalist jewelry pieces are all that you could ask for to look put together and fashionable without the weight of heavy jewelry. If you thought you could never pull off the Scandinavian minimalist approach, we are here to guide you through picking the best pieces and designs to make your minimalist fashion dreams come true. With these pieces that bring elegance to your looks only with a slight accent and eliminate the chance of going overboard, you will look effortlessly stylish every time you step out of the house. 

Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Stud Earrings, Four Prongs Basket Setting Wedding Earrings - Screw Back Stud Earrings

Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Stud Earrings, Four Prongs Basket Setting Wedding Earrings- Screw Back Stud Earrings 

What is Minimalist Jewelry?

So what are minimalist accessories? What is all the rage about? Minimalist jewelry is something you can describe as "barely-there jewelry" or "naked jewelry." Before you think that minimalist pieces cannot do anything for your outfit, understand that these pieces are famous for being the subtle addition to a look that takes it from 0 to 100. 

Most of the time, there is a struggle to find accessories that complement the outfit without appearing clunky or gaudy. In this particular style, you can expect hits with sophistication and elegance, no more fashion faux pas. Again, don't confuse this style with the lack of accessorization of yesteryears because minimalist pieces are timeless, dainty, and flirty all at once.  

Getting the Basics

For the minimalist approach to work, you need to have a ready collection of minimalist pieces with you. Most people have a simple necklace or diamond studs they can work with, but if you are serious about embracing minimalist fashion, there are some pieces you need in your jewelry box. 

Bar Necklaces and Simple Pendants

These necklaces are the easiest to find in the minimalist section. Bar pendants are trendy these days because they add to a simple chain without taking all the attention for themselves. Plus, they are also easy to customize. The goal is to find pendants that are simple and understated. Even if you don't have a pendant, you can always layer simple necklaces to amp up your outfit. Work with metals, textures, and lengths to learn minimalist necklace stacking. 

Solid Rings

Simple but solid rings are a great way to call attention to your hands. As a bold addition to your minimalist outfit, they take you from looking plain to sophisticated in no time. Be it gold or any other precious metal; if the color works well with the entire outfit, you can effortlessly look like a million bucks. They can also be splendid minimalist engagement rings if required. 

Delicate Earrings

Dainty and tiny earrings are an essential part of the minimalist wardrobe. If the neckline or sleeves of your outfit does not go well with necklaces and bracelets, these earrings can be a lifesaver. Minimalist earrings always work as great everyday accessories, so you can confidently invest in these pairs.

Solid Bracelets 

Accentuating a look is simple if you have a piece of jewelry that stands out well. Solid bracelets are perfect for this job. Especially when you stick to monochrome outfits, the solid metal bracelet on your hands can add some fun to your outfit. These bracelets are also perfect for layering with other accessories. 

3.50 MM Round Cut Colorless Moissanite Open Circle Valentine's Day Gift Pendant

3.50 MM Round Cut Colorless Moissanite Open Circle Valentine's Day Gift Pendant

Minimalist Jewelry: Simple Yet Sparkling

Finding gifts for people with a minimalist style is next to impossible; minimalist engagement rings are practically unheard of. So if you need to pop the question or pick an anniversary gift, this half-eternity band is a perfect choice. As a beautiful lab diamond minimalist and wedding band with a sparkling beauty of tiny round brilliant cut diamonds set on three-fourths of the shank, this ring is sleek and stunning. This ring can be worn alone as well as also with other rings. This minimalist band is an excellent pick for those who want to expand their minimalist accessories collection.

Minimalist Round Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band, Half Eternity Band

Minimalist Round Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band, Half Eternity Band

Simple pendants are a great way to keep the style minimalist and outstanding at the same time. This minimalist open-circle moissanite pendant features a round-cut moissanite set in a prong setting. Compared to the most popular minimalist pendants, this one is an out-of-the-box design that you must add to your collection. As it is a perfect choice for workwear and special occasion, this piece will see enough uses too. You don't even have to try to match this minimalist necklace with an outfit. It seamlessly complements everything it is paired with. This timeless piece is the answer for those searching for a perfect Valentine's day gift. 

Are you bored with simple bands? If you need minimalist rings that don't look too simple to be worn alone, then this curved ring might be just the ring you need. As a dainty style solid white gold unique chevron staking wedding band, you can earn some major points for style choice if you go with this ring amongst all the minimalist engagement rings. This delicately curved band look is a classic hit with three tiny round brilliant cut moissanite diamonds set as the attraction. If you are looking for a little sparkle to go with your outfit, this ring is the subtle piece that needs to adorn your fingers. You wear this beautiful single band alone or stack it with your other lovely rings. 

Antique 0.70 TW Round Old European Cut Colorless Moissanite Stud Earrings

If you have an outfit that is bold or busy, adding necklaces to the mix is rarely a good idea. Take a different approach to styling and let your outfit do all the talking while your accessories enhance the look. Understated jewelry is the best way to attempt bright colors and heavy designs on your clothes. This pair of minimalist earrings will sparkle away quietly on your ears, just adding the hint of sparkle that needs to make you look even better. Designed with love, these five prongs earring settings are also perfect for everyday wear. Now you can have a pair of appropriate earrings for every occasion you come across. Available in both pushback and screw back types, these settings are stylish and will ensure that your round OEC moissanite remains secure at all times.

2.81 TW Champagne Baguette Cut Semi Bezel Moissanite Stud Earrings

Do you want a splash of color while you experiment with minimalist fashion? Then these champagne-colored earrings need to be the object of your attention now. Bringing a bouncing shine to your ears, you can forego all the other accessories when you adorn these earrings. As lovely mini-baguette moissanite stud earrings, they are light, fashionable, and classy at the same time. The semi-bezel setting is a fresh addition to the available minimalist options in the market. If colorless sparkling stones are starting to look plain to you, then these minimalist earrings might change the game for you. 

Can I Wear Multiple Pieces of Minimalist Jewelry?

Absolutely! Nothing is stopping you from artfully wearing one minimalist necklace with two more, stacking rings, and adoring yourself with multiple other accessories. It is only a part of styling this type of jewelry. Minimalist pieces look so much more attractive when paired with more pieces on the body. Whether it is on one part alone or the whole body, minimalist fashion can make the use of multiple pieces classy.

If you need the inspiration to start stacking jewelry, think about layering different minimalist rings on one hand. For instance, wear several rings on your ring finger at different levels and then add more rings on the thumb or index fingers of the other hand. Spreading the rings between both of your hands is a tried and tested method to nail a refined look. 

Layering does not have to be restricted to rings. Surely, you have seen celebrities and influencers pair bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. The very nature of minimalist accessories gives you the freedom to wear more than one piece without looking chaotic or tacky. Still, keep in mind that you don't have to wear multiple minimal pieces at the same time. Only a necklace or bracelet can also add character to your look because, as they say, less is more.

Dainty Curved 0.31 TW Round Colorless Moissanite Wedding BandDainty Curved 0.31 TW Round Colorless Moissanite Wedding Band

In Conclusion

Minimalist fashion is taking the world by storm. Whether you are a seasoned minimalist or trying to get the hang of the style, Diamondrensu wants to help you add great pieces to your collection. Our offerings of minimalist jewelry range across earrings, engagement rings, wedding bands, and bracelets. If you cannot find the exact piece you are looking for, we are more than happy to craft the piece you deserve. 

Get in touch with us for customized jewelry here. Only stunning pieces await you at Diamondrensu, so hurry now!