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Do Moissanite Engagement Rings Last?

Do Moissanite Engagement Rings Last?

Are you planning to pop the question soon? To make your proposal the most memorable, you need to have a stellar ring that makes your partner gasp with joy. When it comes to engagement rings, most people immediately think of diamonds, but what if you want something different? 

If you and your partner prefer something different from the usual, a moissanite engagement ring is a great option to explore. If you feel like experimenting with your choice of rings, colored moissanite engagement rings are just the right ones for you. 

Highly similar to a diamond, high-quality moissanite and diamonds can only be distinguished by an expert eye. Aside from this, the moissanite ring price comes under a range that is affordable to many, and it does not compromise in quality. Moissanite is a forever stone, which means it is highly durable and does not damage easily. If you are wondering what makes moissanite rings last, here are the reasons.  

colored moissanite engagement rings

2.84 CT Dutch Marquise Canary Yellow Moissanite Engagement Ring, Hidden Halo Ring

Hard as Diamonds

The Mohs Hardness Scale is used to determine the hardness and scratch resistance of a precious stone. Diamonds rank at 10 on this scale, whereas moissanite comes close at 9.25. Compared to moissanite, fancy gems such as sapphire and ruby only score around 9 on the same scale. 

Since moissanite falls on the higher end of the scale, it is highly durable and less likely to be damaged unless you store it with harder materials like a diamond. If durability is of great importance to you, colored moissanite engagement rings must be one of your choices for wedding jewelry.  

Never Clouds 

Many precious stones, regardless of color, lose their sparkle and clarity over time. When this happens, the stone loses the appeal that attracted you to it in the first place. Whether they are colored or colorless, moissanite rings don’t cloud easily. The moissanite rings’ color, clarity, and sparkle are things you can trust never to fade. 

The few instances where moissanite starts clouding are when it comes in contact with chemicals or stays dirty for too long. Even if the colors of moissanite fade due to lack of maintenance, some targeted cleaning will help return the lost sparkle. You can clean moissanite yourself or with the help of a professional; it is relatively easy and hassle-free. 

Does Well With Pressure 

As the hardness of a stone increases, it becomes more scratch-resistant. While this stands true, these stones become more brittle and susceptible to impact damage. For instance, a diamond is near impossible to scratch, but it chips and cracks easily when it takes a hit. The weakness of the cleavage planes in the stone is why there is a higher chance for damage when a diamond is impacted. 

On the other hand, moissanite does not have cleavage planes, making the surface uniform throughout and eliminating weakness in the structure. Compared with diamond engagement rings, moissanite rings can last longer if you plan to wear them daily. 

Right Cuts 

This factor applies to both diamonds and moissanite. How the stone is cut can influence how long it will last. Cuts like princess and marquise make moissanite more prone to damage when impacted. Thus, even though the precious stones can take daily knocks and bumps, it is advised to take off the fancy color moissanite rings before engaging in any heavy physical activity. 

colored moissanite rings2.94 TW Green Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

Are There Different Grades of Moissanite Rings? 

Yes, just like the different grades of diamonds, moissanite also has different grades. With the colors of moissanite, the grade it comes under varies. The first moissanite to be produced in the lab had a yellow-green tint to it. This was called classic moissanite, and, according to the GIA diamond color grading, it fell in the J-K range. 

Soon, the near-colorless moissanite was designed to resemble diamonds more closely. They fall in the G-H-I range and are good diamond alternatives for those on a budget. Gem scientists soon perfected the technique to grow colorless diamonds in the lab, and they are the closest approximation to diamonds. Falling in the D-E-F range, they have no fancy moissanite color and are the best alternative to diamonds. 

Is Moissanite a Good Choice for Engagement and Wedding Jewelry? 

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but moissanite comes close when you get to know it well. Moissanite has been gaining popularity because it resembles diamonds but brings more sparkle to the jewelry. If environment-friendly, cost-effective engagement and wedding jewelry is what you are planning for, moissanite is the best alternative you have. Just like diamonds, moissanite lasts forever and is even more radiant. 

Is Moissanite an Ethical Choice?

Moissanite is a rare gemstone found in traces in a meteorite and then later grown in labs for human use. Chemically, they are silicon carbides and can be easily manufactured in labs. Compared to choosing naturally occurring diamonds, moissanite is an ethical choice. It is a sustainable option since it is not mined from the earth. There are no social or environmental issues arising from the production of moissanite. Thus, you can wear this stone without worrying about the negative impact you are leaving on the planet.  

Colored Moissanite Engagement Rings You Might Like 

colored moissanite engagement rings2.23 CT Pear Cut Canary Yellow Moissanite Engagement Ring

Vintage designs are the best when paired with fancy color moissanite. If you think so too, this unique moissanite ring might be perfect for you. With pear cut yellow moissanite set in the center with brilliant yellow moissanite in solitaire setting around it, this ring sparkles as bright as your partner’s smiles. Since this striking solitaire is durable, it can be the perfect family heirloom in the future. 

colored moissanite rings Radiant Cut Moissanite Intricate Vintage Halo Engagement Ring

Another one of the fancy coloured moissanite engagement rings for the enthusiasts. This intricately designed ring has radiant-cut gray moissanite in the center and smaller brilliant-cut colorless stones surrounding it. If you are looking for a grandiose sign of your commitment, this ring is one way to do it with class. The vintage design will surely melt the heart of the old soul with whom you wish to spend your life.

fancy color moissanite
Classic Looking Inspired Moissanite Diamond Pave Set Engagement Ring

If the moissanite ring price is a deciding factor, this classic engagement ring is the perfect solution. Coming under an affordable budget, this ring has it all: color moissanite, colorless stones halfway around the shank, and a timeless design. Indeed, this is one of the most eye-catching colored moissanite engagement rings.

colors of moissaniteAntique Cushion Old Mine Yellow Moissanite Engagement Ring

As a unique ring with an open halo, this color moissanite engagement ring features a center antique cushion old mine with larger brilliance. Gleaming brightly on your partner’s finger, this ring has a hidden halo that adds to its charm. This is the perfect ring for those who love old mine faceting in any shape.

moissanite rings color   11.19 TW Emerald Cut Cyan Blue Three Stone Moissanite Ring

Every traditional bride needs something blue and something new for their wedding. This simple and lovely moissanite ring’s color is exactly what the bride-to-be needs for their special day. With three stones set side by side, this ring has a timeless look and is also suitable for everyday use without appearing over the top.

moissanite fancy4.99 TW Emerald Cut Black Moissanite Engagement Ring 

Summing It Up

Colored moissanite rings have a certain charm to them. Being simultaneously fun and classy, they can be a great addition to one’s wedding jewelry. Whether it’s moissanite with fancy tints or not, the stone is an option you must explore if you plan to buy classic jewelry.