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What is the Correct Way to Wear a Wedding Ring?

What is the Correct Way to Wear a Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings are important for wedding ceremonies and imply responsibility, devotion, love, and loyalty. While pondering which finger your wedding ring goes on, it could feel like an easy decision. Yet, did you have any idea that wedding rings and wedding rings placement change as culture varies? Yup, truth be told, while you could have believed that shaking a wedding stack on your ring finger was your primary choice, there are a few decisions regarding the ring situation. And to address the same, we have crafted this how-to-wear wedding rings blog.


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The Myth & Legend Behind “How to Wear Wedding Rings”

Beginning from the Medieval Times, wedding rings are designed with valuable gems. Middle-age Europeans utilized rubies to represent enthusiasm, sapphires to represent the sky, and diamonds to represent relentless strength. To add, even the shape of the gem in the ring is said to mean a timeless love - there, it has no start or end and continues until the end of time.

Speaking of how to wear wedding rings, the Greeks (and Romans) accepted that there exists a vein that, from the ring finger, goes the whole way to the heart. It was known as the "vena amoris," which means "vein of adoration." While there's no analytical support for this case, it makes for a decent idea.

Fun fact, the Chinese have an intriguing hypothesis regarding each finger addressing some piece of your loved ones. The pointer is for your kin, the thumb for your folks, the center finger is you, the pinkie finger is for your kids, and the fourth finger, the ring finger, is your soulmate. That is the reason when you lay your hand level on a table; the ring finger is the hardest to get off. Truth be told, there is no "right" hand to wear wedding rings. Your ring arrangement might come down to custom, culture, or individual inclination.

What are Wedding Ring and Placing Engagement Ring Orders?

Nothing captures the zeitgeist of a wedding like rings. Flowers can help build a statement, and wedding dresses represent a changing style, but the beautiful wedding rings are full of meaning. They are partnerships, commitments, and commitments of ongoing support.

Keeping with tradition, the correct way to wear wedding rings is to keep both the rings on the ring finger on the left hand. Before we conclude how to wear wedding rings, you need to know what a wedding ring and engagement ring order are. Regardless of the terms being utilized conversely, each ring connotes something unique.

An engagement ring is given at the hour of the proposal, and a wedding ring is normally given when the engaged people decide to marry. Additional contrasts incorporate the plan, position, and price tag. Generally, a wedding ring has a "middle stone" and is more costly than an engagement ring, which ordinarily comprises a ton of more modest jewels as far as possible around or a plain ring.

How are Wedding Rings Worn?

Generally, couples wear the wedding ring "nearest to their heart," which implies it is stacked beneath the engagement ring on the left ring finger. The engagement ring is traded on the right hand just before the ceremony. With the goal that you can put the wedding ring on the left hand, all things being equal, permitting it to be worn nearest to one's heart. In any case, that doesn't imply that you want to keep this "rule," assuming you live in those areas. A few nations and societies wear their wedding rings on their right hand. So based on your choice and culture, you can either wear both the rings on your left or right hand.

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Do You Need to Know the Correct Way to Wear Your Wedding Rings?

Wedding and engagement rings are traditionally used to connote your deep-rooted commitment to your partner. However, there is no right or wrong way of wearing the ring. Your wedding set is more than a piece of normal jewelry. It symbolizes your love, devotion, and bond as a couple. So wear it the way your love is unique for each other.

A few prominent figures traded different tokens to seal commitments or relationships as we move ahead. For instance, notable entertainer Elizabeth Taylor got a jewel tennis wristband and an emerald pin during her engagement and marriage. A few current couples decide on finger tattoos rather than jewels.

We've given some guidance on how to wear wedding rings above, but feel free to share your thoughts about the above in our comment section. If you're searching for the perfect diamond ring at an affordable price to add to your wedding ring set, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Diamondrensu. Our Moissanite gem specialists are happy to assist you with your ideal piece and answer any inquiries you might have about moissanite rings, stones, cuts, and others.