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Why are Engagement Rings so Expensive?

Why are Engagement Rings so Expensive

Engagement rings are a magical symbol of love; a lifelong commitment to your other half. The gorgeous rings are a promise you make to the love of your life. But why do we invest so much time and money in finding the perfect engagement ring? Here’s why they deserve the effort.

pear rose cut moissanite solitaire ring

5 Reasons Why Engagement Rings Are So Expensive

1. Design Factor

Engagement rings help you make your special announcement, and that’s the reason we pick out engagement rings with more thought than we do wedding rings. They are intricate, delicate, and carefully designed to perfection.

Compared to wedding rings, which are simpler and made to match the engagement ring, the latter is more expensive because it is more grandiose and flamboyant in appearance. As your announcement to the world, it has to capture the essence and beauty of the relationship you and your partner are looking forward to building.

2. Material Being Used

Since engagement rings are supposed to be more eye-catching, they would usually have a glamorous diamond as the centerpiece. This centerpiece is large and hence contributes significantly to its higher cost. But it is also often of glamorous cuts; princess, marquise, or Asscher.

The ring might also have multiple diamonds. The skilled craftsmanship needed to make a beautiful engagement ring increases the cost. Platinum or palladium, which are expensive metals, are sought after to make the frame of the ring.

3. The Global Jewelry Market

It’s an ironic deal, but we often want to show off how ornate our new piece of jewelry is. We want to hop on trends and be a part of trends of affluence. When we pick something that is currently trending in the jewelry market, we’re likely to have to pay a little more.

4. Size of the Material Used

Picking a higher carat weight can also seem like the easiest way to drill a hole in your own pocket. It might seem more practical to choose a smaller diamond and allocate the money saved to account for other wedding expenses. But when you’re making a lifetime commitment, it’s okay to think with your heart instead of your head.

Engagement rings have larger solitaires or gemstones because they are the rings that are always worn. They become constant reminders of the love you share with your partner, and when that reminder is stunningly eye-catching, it could strengthen your bond even more.

5. Emotional factors

The strength of your relationship is not dependent on a materialistic possession. But when you throw in some extravagance for your engagement ring, it is a reminder of how much you mean to each other.

Investing that much for the engagement ring is a promise to your other half that you are in it for the long haul, and shows them how far you would go to make them happy. When proposing, a beautiful ring can be the difference between a “yes” and a definite “yes” with tears in their eyes. If you don’t want to do it for the display, do it for the beautiful moment that the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Few Tips to Get A Good Deal

Even while going all out, you can still find a great deal on the engagement ring. Here are a few ways you can cut corners without compromising on the ring that your heart has chosen.

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1. Check and Compare Prices with Different Jewelers

Never buy the first one you see. You might think you love a design and have found ‘the ring’ but think about how many engagement rings rest waiting in the numerous jewelry shops around the world.

It's very likely that you’ll find another one you like somewhere else. If you’ve made up your mind about the design, go look for similar rings. You may discover a ring that you like even more!

The process of ring hunting can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding. After all, this is a ring you are choosing for a lifetime. A similar ring might be available at a lower price in another store. Make a list of all the jewelry stores that have put items on sale in your town and hit them up. In the end, you can always come back to the one you liked first.

2. Shop with Diamondrensu

Consider a trusted jewelry expert. While diamonds are common and usual, they offer moissanite jewelry that stands out. From more than 51 shapes and 8 colors, you can pick out one that steals your heart.

Why stick to the basics when you can surprise your loved one with a unique act of love. Moissanites are created with eco-friendly methods, are just as suitable as diamonds for everyday wear, but cost less.

Natural Moissanites are incredibly rare and can make a more emotional statement than the diamonds that everyone fashions. When light shines on them, they radiate a beautiful brilliance that stands out from diamonds. Just like your love, they will never lose their sparkle.

3. Consider alternate jewelry options

If you and your partner can both agree that you want something unconventional to mark your love and commitment, you could get matching tattoos. It could be a tattoo of a ring or something else entirely.

You could also get them a locket. This way they can carry around a picture of you so you are never apart. Bracelets can also be just as extravagant and you can get a lot of options for designs.


Engagement rings are a token of beautiful emotion and a myriad of memories knitted together. Sometimes, they may require you to shell out a little more than you planned on. Now you know what makes engagement rings expensive and how you can save a fortune while buying one.

Since they are unconventional engagement presents, you might find one that’s a little more budget-friendly. Finally, metal bands are also becoming trendy. You can have their name or a special date engraved on it, and this makes a very classy look that you can both share.