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August's Birthstones: Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx

August's Birthstones: Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx

August is a special month. Named after the first Roman emperor, Gaius Caesar, later known as Augustus Caesar, it represents greatness and venerability. Given August's rich and centuries old history, it only makes sense for its birthstones to have an equally significant value. An August birthstone is one of a kind. Peridot, spinel, and sardonyx, the three August birthstones, are incredibly meaningful. If you are an August baby or want to give a loved one a personal gift, Diamondrensu has a carefully curated selection of birthstones.

What makes August stones stand out are their versatility and extraordinary history. They are not only personal and meaningful presents but also symbolize confidence, empathy, and resilience. Along with boldness, these birthstones also bring good health, luck, and wealth to the wearer. As a Virgo Birthstone August stones enhance your look, compliment all outfits, and shower your life with love and good fortune.

Sardonyx, Peridot, and Spinel Birthstones: Meaning and History

August initially had two gemstones: peridot and sardonyx; spinel is a relatively newer addition. The two older stones have traveled through different chapters of history. However, despite their shared adventures, they are in their own leagues. In chronological order, sardonyx is the oldest August stone, peridot is the middle child, and spinel is the youngest member.

August Birthstone: Sardonyx 

Sardonyx birthstone is the oldest August gem. Made of two chalcedony types, sard and onyx, this gemstone displays a unique color scheme. Its colors oscillate between brown or brownish red and dark orange sard, with white or black bands of onyx. Ancient Romans used sardonyx for seals and rings.

If history is to be believed, the Old Testament has pages dedicated to sardonyx for being one of the stones carved in the High Priest's breastplate. A famous stone during wars, Roman soldiers believed sardonyx would bring them good luck and protection. Ancient Egypt and Greece were equally fond of sardonyx and wore it on various accessories, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, and lockets.

Even today, the sardonyx birthstone has not lost its charm. Today, this gemstone signifies spirituality, open communication, prosperity, courage, and happy romantic, platonic, and professional relationships.

August Birthstone: Peridot

The second of August's trio of gemstones, peridot sparkles in a unique shade of green. The name 'peridot' comes from the Arabic word 'fadat,' meaning gem, and has Greek origins, where it means 'to give plenty.' The peridot birth stone comes from volcanic rocks deep inside the Earth's surface. Usually given as a present to celebrate the sixteenth wedding milestone, peridot holds emotional and psychological connections. It brings joy and good luck and wards off worries.

Peridot's history is fascinating. Initially, due to their lime or yellow-green color, peridot, topaz, and emerald were confused with each other. For instance, Topazios's Red Sea Island, famously named after topaz, is actually a peridot. The gemstone also decorated Cleopatra's jewelry box instead of emerald. With a rich history throughout ancient cultures and traditions, peridot also appeared on jewelry items worn by priests before the third century BCE. In medieval times, the stone was believed to be a protective shield from bad omens, nightmares, and evil spirits.

Due to its image as a rare stone, this August gemstone was found in middle age houses as a repellent against evildoings, black magic, and sadness. Along with Europe, this stone also makes a cameo in African and Middle Eastern lore. In ancient Egypt, peridot was thought to hold the sun's power. This stone also found its way to Foul Bay, Egypt, where ancient Egyptians protected it from snakes. However, today, peridot represents good fortune and resilience, making it easier to purchase it.

August Birthstone: Spinel

The newest addition, spinel, came around in 2016. The name 'spinel' is not enough to convey its uniqueness, which is why the stone has various nicknames and titles, such as 'the immortality gemstone.' This August birthstone color comes in multiple shades, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple, giving it a regal and elegant look. The gemstone comes from the Latin word 'spina,' meaning thorns.

Like peridot that has encountered its fair share of mistaken identities, spinel, ruby, and sapphire are often confused. Since spinel and ruby are associated with each other, the former has also been called 'ruby's mother.' However, unlike a ruby stone that exudes a minimum of two hues, spinel displays a single, solid color. Along with red, spinel birthstone also comes in blue, resulting in people often mistaking blue spinels for blue sapphires. Each spinel color has a different name. For instance, yellow-orange spinel is called rubicelle, purple spinel is almandine, and when given a blue shade, spinel is known as sapphirine.

Spinel's case of mistaken identity transcends periods, kingdoms, and continents. For instance, back in the 14th century, many Spanish kings wore what they thought was ruby for years. However, it was not until four centuries later that jewelers studied the stone and realized it was spinel due to different chemical compositions. Today, the gemstone sits on the Imperial State Crown.

Red spinel stones signify the heart and are believed to cure heart-related conditions. Spinel's folklore also mentions its association with pure energy, success, perseverance, and humility. Spinel is an excellent anniversary present, symbolizing love, adoration, and devotion. If you are looking for a gift for your significant other, choose your favorite color, pick the right size, customize your stone, and let Diamondrensu give you the jewelry of your dreams.

Where are Spinel, Peridot, and Sardonyx Found?

Unlike ancient times, when obtaining August birthstones required wars, battles, and fighting guards, you can find the three stones around the globe quickly and easily.

August Birthstone Sardonyx: Location

You can trace sardonyx across continents and oceans. This August stone is one of India's main productions, and you can find it in various colors and contrasting hues. Aside from India, Brazil, the United States, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Uruguay, and Madagascar are also home to sardonyx.

August Birthstone Peridot: Location

Peridot birthstone has a fascinating location history that ranges from meteors to islands. Some scientists and jewelers claim the stone came from pallasite meteorites, whereas others have found it in Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Tanzania, and Myanmar. You can also find this gemstone in beautiful island locations like Hawaii.

According to historical records, one of the earliest sightings of peridot dates back to 340 BC in present-day Zabargad. However, despite the gemstone's smooth texture, the mining practices back then earned it the title of Ophiodes (Island of Snakes). Zabargad, to this date, produces incredible and beautiful peridot, increasing its value and demand.

In Myanmar, you can find peridot in Kyaukpon Mountains as loose crystals. Due to the mountain conditions and climate, the peridot produced has rich shades and excellent transparency. In Arizona, USA, volcanic eruptions decades ago spilled vast amounts of lava down the present-day San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, forming hard and sturdy peridot crystals.

August Birthstone Spinel: Location

A popular gemstone across the globe, you can find the spinel birthstone in Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Tanzania. In Myanmar, the stone takes on bright pink and red colors. The country's Mogok Stone Tract produces spinel and its middle August gemstone, peridot. Moving to Sri Lanka, the country's southern side is famous for mining and producing blue, purple, and pink spinel. 

In Vietnam's Luc Yen region, you can find rich red, purple, violet, and blue shades of spinel. While the first three shades have been around since the late twentieth century, blue spinels were introduced in the early or mid-21st century. On the other hand, in East Africa, you can trace spinel to Tanzania in purple, blue, pink, and orange hues.

Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx Care and Cleaning

Taking care of birthstones is as important as having them adorn your jewelry box. If you are worried about breaking or damaging your precious August stones, don't stress. These cleaning and caring tips will keep your gemstones in proper condition.

Sardonyx Birthstone: Cleaning and Caring

A strong gemstone, sardonyx ranks seven on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. However, it would be best to avoid wearing it for everyday use. When storing your sardonyx stone, follow these steps:

  • Keep the stone away from high heat; it can damage its dye.
  • When cleaning your ring with ultrasonic or steam appliances, exercise extra care.
  • Gently wash your sardonyx jewelry in warm, soapy water, and clean it with a soft cloth or bristles.

Peridot Birthstone: Cleaning and Caring

Like sardonyx, peridot also falls seven on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.

  • Store your peridot ring away from acids, as acid exposure can damage it.
  • Peridot is not thermal shock-resistant; do not clean with steam or ultrasonic gadgets.
  • Keep it away from harder gemstones to avoid marks or scratches.
  • Gently wash your peridot stone in warm, soapy water, and clean it with a soft cloth or bristles.

Spinel Birthstone: Cleaning and Caring

Hardest out of the three August birthstones, spinel's hardness is eight on the scale. While its hardness and durability prevent steamers from damaging it, use ultrasonic cleaners in moderation to avoid upsetting its texture. Additionally, follow these care and cleaning tips:

  • Avoid exposure to high heat, as high temperatures can fade its colors
  • Gently wash your spinel stone in warm, soapy water, and clean it with a soft cloth or bristles.

Wrapping Up

Your August birthstone will bring you good luck, health, wealth, and love. All three stones, peridot, spinel, and sardonyx, are unique and boast a rich and deep history. If you are looking for an anniversary, wedding, or birthday present for August babies or as a treat for yourself, check out Diamondrensu's exquisite collection to get your hands on your birthstone!