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Garnet Birthstone: Everything You Need to Know

Garnet Birthstone: Everything You Need to Know


Birthstone jewelry is a wise investment for those who want the universe to give them additional support in everything they do. Having extraordinary healing powers and abilities to bring luck and prosperity, birthstone jewelry also looks extremely flattering. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box accessory, this might be what you are looking for. Especially if you like colored stones, the January stone might be your new favorite. 

The January birthstone garnet is a deeply colored red stone that has a rich history. Garnet can be a great addition to your collection as one of the most popular gemstones ever. Knowing more about this wonderful birthstone can help you make a better-informed purchase when you are in the market for one. Diamondrensu can help you find the right birthstone jewelry with our extensive collection. 

Classic Red Garnet Baguette Bezel Set Eternity Wedding Band

Classic Red Garnet Baguette Bezel Set Eternity Wedding Band

Garnet History

You can trace the use of garnets in jewelry even back to Ancient Egypt, where pharaohs wore intricately designed necklaces with red garnets. Such necklaces were also found in their tombs, along with the mummies, because they believed jewelry to be prized possession that an individual could use in the afterlife. In ancient Rome, too, garnets had an excellent reputation. Important documents were sealed and stamped using wax and signet rings made from carved garnets. According to Jewish lore, Noah had brought a shining source of light into the ark that did not dim despite the sun or the rain. This shining source of light is assumed to be garnet because it emits a red glow, as if on fire from within. Contemporary archaeologists say that the term ‘carbuncle’ was used to describe any red stone found. The term ‘carbuncle’ comes from the Latin word carbuncles, which means a lump of small, hot coal.

Unlike modern gemologists, the artisans of the past did not have a rigid classification system for minerals, gemstones, and species. Most of the time, when a record mentions a carbuncle, it could be either ruby or red garnet. The variety of red garnets called almandines has been mentioned in many resources. One of the most popular mentions of the carbuncle is in association with King Solomon. This stone was believed to be one of the four stones that were gifted to him by God. 

The popularity of garnets did not fade with time. Even centuries later, around 23 to 79 AD, Roman scholar Pliny described garnet as one of the most traded precious stones. The elites and the clergy also preferred garnets during the Middle Ages, which was roughly around 475 to 1450 AD. The January stone only saw more fans as more deposits were found in central Europe. These deposits were the source of Bohemian garnets and became integral to the regional jewelry industry. 

Garnet Appearance

The famed January gemstone is an opaque material usually. They can be transparent or translucent based on the composition and the impurities present in the minerals. The name garnet is derived from granatum because these stones look like pomegranate seeds when cut and polished. Despite the popularity of red garnets, the gemstone is not only found in this particular color. Apart from the reddish tones, garnets are also found as orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink, and colorless stones. The blue variety of garnets is extremely hard to come by. Some garnets also have alternating layers of dark and light hues. 

The precious garnet can be found as singular crystals, pebbles, clumps, and even inter-grown crystals. They also have ample inclusions in them. With inclusions, the garnet produces a star-shaped pattern of reflections. It can also appear to change colors under certain lighting. It all comes down to what is present in the garnet. When the mineral formation occurs in different locations, a change in the content of the stone is a given. Most of the garnets we see are formed from sedimentary rocks that have a high concentration of aluminum. Garnets are also formed in the sites where igneous rocks such as granite and basalt are found.

Garnet Price

Garnets are abundant across the world, and hence, their price varies greatly. Color is one factor that determines the price of garnet. Lush green, fiery orange and raspberry red are the colors that lie at the top of the spectrum. 

Another factor that influences the value of a piece of garnet is the carat weight of the stone. Along with the clarity of the stone, the price of garnet jewelry can be calculated. If you need an approximate number, garnets can cost around $500 a carat with inclusions and go up to around $7,000 per carat when the size is large, and there are no inclusions. Among all the types of garnet, demantoid is the most valuable one. A fun fact about demantoid is that its value goes up when it has a certain horsetail inclusion in it. Tsavorite is another garnet that has a high demand. 

Garnet Jewelry We Think You’ll Like

With all the information that you have about the pros of owning the January birthstone garnet, you will surely be looking for design inspirations too. Garnet jewelry can be captivating when designed with a vision. If you need an easy recommendation for a gift, these accessories can be your go-to for garnet birthstone jewelry. 

Classic Red Garnet Baguette Bezel Set Eternity Wedding Band

Have you had a sudden revelation that you must pop the question as soon as possible? The wait for an engagement ring made from scratch can take out the spontaneity of a marriage proposal. This is why you need to get your hands on the best ring in the market and get down on one as soon as possible. This Diamondrensu ring is meant for exactly that. 

With bezel set red garnets, this ring uniquely catches the light, making it seem like it is glowing from within. The simple design of the accessory makes it suitable for individuals who cannot have jewelry obstructing their functions. Despite having a minimalist design, this ring does not lack elegance or sophistication. The simple design also makes this ring perfect for pairing with other rings. There is simply no reason why you should hesitate to use this ring as a marker for a new phase in your life. 


Cushion Cut Red Garnet with side Half-Moon Moissanite Three Stone Ring

Have you always speculated about the benefits of having an extravagant ring studded with precious stones? Now it is time for you to stop wondering and get the ring of your dreams. With a cushion-cut red garnet of 5.09 CT as the center stone, this ring is perfect for those looking for January stone accessories.  

The three-stone style is unique, thanks to its rich cultural history. Each stone in a three-stone style is said to stand for the past, present, and future. If you are looking for an engagement ring, this one can do the job well. The deep red of this garnet can perfectly symbolize the shared love and passion between the couple. Since garnet is also associated with loyalty, this is the right choice to declare your feelings. The half-moon cut stones set on either side of the red garnet make the ring even more charming. When all the stones are set in a simple basket setting, the richness of the precious gems is balanced to create beauty.  

Garnet Rarity

Simply put, garnets are not rare. Back in the day, they were mined on almost every continent. Today, most of the precious January stone comes from the US, Brazil, India, and Sri Lanka. Most people chose garnet for the underlying meaning and powers more than anything else. The January birthstone meaning of healing, courage, and life force are the reasons why people chose this birthstone jewelry. 

Most of the time, garnets have been associated with feminine life force. The ancient ideas of the power of uterine blood were linked to garnets, giving rise to the belief that only women should wear this stone. Now, the use of garnet stone is not decided by the sex of the person. However, females tend to prefer jewelry made with garnets more than any other group. 

For all those who are looking for a boost in marital passion, relief from mental and physical distress, and reprieve from nightmares, garnet is the right stone to invest in. Compared to many other gemstones available, garnets have a recorded history of being effective to the wearer.


The January stone is certainly one that catches the eye. The blood-red color of garnet captivates the heart and makes for a great fashion statement. Suitable for both elegant parties and a day at work, garnet jewelry can be a great option for daily wear jewelry. Caring for the stone is easy too. With its affordable nature, you would not have to break the bank for a stunning piece of garnet jewelry. Diamondrensu can help you find the accessories you will love. 

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