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November's Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

November's Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine


The month of November comes with an abundance of good times and brings us a little closer to the much awaited holidays. Similarly, November borns are the salt of the earth. They have a special kind of loyalty and emotional range like no other. For these lovely people, you need a November birthstone that captures their true spirit. Just like sunshine caught in a precious stone, topaz and citrine are two stones that match the Scorpios and Sagittarians perfectly. Thus, these stones, in the November birthstone color yellow, make an outstanding and thoughtful gift for those born in the eleventh month. 

Jewelry is the most personalized gift you can get someone if you plan it right. No worries if precious stones and metals are not your ballparks. You just have to tell us what your loved one likes. Diamondrensu can help you with picking out the most breathtaking gifts ever. 

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Topaz and Citrine Birthstone Meaning and History

Everything You Need to Know About the Topaz Birthstone

Topaz is one of the most popular precious gems out there. As a stone that appears in a range of colors, there is no wonder why topaz is so popular. Considered the original November birthstone, the yellow and orange hued topaz has a slightly higher demand in the market. The topaz has been mentioned in ancient Vedic texts and rituals for influencing careers, finances, and marital relationships. 

Perhaps the warm and bright tone of the stone gives it away, but if not, you should know that topaz represents unity and hospitality. Since November is the month of thanksgiving, the yellow topaz is also a symbol of gratitude. Usually presented for the 23rd anniversary, this gorgeous stone is said to boost optimism and faith in the wearer. 

Everything You Need to Know About the Citrine Birthstone

Popularized by Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, citrine is a stone that was a little late to be recognized compared to topaz. Still, this stone from the quartz family has garnered a massive fanbase today. This yellow orange stone has importance in the areas of healing and romance. Appearing close in name to 'lemon' in many languages, this sunshine stone is the perfect gift to represent illumination and optimism. 

Apart from being a great addition of color to your jewelry, citrine is said to soothe the wearer emotionally and physically. Citrine has also earned the moniker 'Merchant's Stone' because it is said to improve finances for the user. Attracting good money, health, and romance, citrine is a stone that can significantly make life better. If you are looking to start a new phase of life with your partner, why not pop the question with this citrine ring?

Where are Topaz and Citrine Found?

Sourcing a November birthstone from Diamondrensu is easy and completed with a few taps of your fingers. But where do you think we get these birthstones from? 

Topaz deposits are found all across the globe in Japan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, the Czech Republic, Australia, Pakistan, Italy, Norway, and Flinders Island. The yellow topaz from Brazil, however, has a richer color to it. Yellow topaz is also found in Ukraine, Russia, and the US. If you think that yellow topaz is too mainstream, you can opt for blue topaz jewelry from Sri Lanka and Brazil. 

Compared to topaz, citrine is not found so widely across the world. Deposits of the citrine birthstone are found in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Madagascar is another location that has an abundance of citrine under the surface. Bolivia and Brazil also have a considerable concentration of this quartz. 

Topaz vs. Citrine: Which November Birthstone to Choose? 

Comparing citrine and the topaz birthstone is a futile activity because both stones are gorgeous and perfect for those born in November. Based on the color, both the stones come in a range of yellow and orange tones, apart from the other colors they are available in. In terms of hardness, topaz ranks higher than citrine. So, if hardness is a dealbreaker, you know which stone to go with. While judging on every other parameter, both the stones are equally good, and with the right design choices, they can be a part of November birthstone necklaces, no doubt. In the end, it comes down to your picking. Which one catches your eye better: topaz or citrine?

You can always choose loose gemstones and set them into a customized design if the available options don't appeal to you. This oval cut ruby engagement ring can be an inspiration for the ring if you have hit a wall. Bringing all the attention to the center stone, the muse setting of three moissanite on each side will surely be a hit. The experts at Diamondrensu are adept at adapting any style to a precious stone. We can guide you through choosing the right cut, clarity, color, and carat for your gemstones. To ensure the final product is classy and radiant, we also help determine the right precious metal to complete the aesthetic. At Diamondrensu, we make sure that the jewelry conveys the emotions you wish to express.

Topaz and Citrine Birthstone Care and Cleaning

If you have November birthstone necklaces and other accessories in your collection, you must already know how important jewelry care is in keeping the precious stones gleaming. The first thing to keep in mind is careful storage. There is no way that maintenance would make a difference if you don't pay attention to how topaz and citrine are stored. 

Caring for Your Topaz Birthstone

Topaz ranks at about 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, so you can say that it falls on the sturdier side. That is not to say that it is invincible and no fall can ever get to it. Topaz can certainly find itself chipped and scratched, especially from materials harder than itself. When you pack your topaz without enough care, extreme and prolonged exposure to light zaps the vibrant colors out of the stone, leading to dullness. Thus, it is always better to store them in a velvet-lined case in a cool and dry area. Try to keep contact with other accessories to a minimum. 

Cleaning the jewelry is something you should pay attention to. A thorough cleaning can remove any evidence of dullness from your jewelry and bring the luster back easily. Start with a regular soap-and-water mixture, and submerge the jewelry for a few seconds to dislodge the accumulated dirt. Following this, rub the precious stones with a piece of soft fabric to remove the dirt. Be sure to get into the edges because those are the spots where dirt and stains remain stubborn. 

Once you have cleared the jewelry of dirt, rub it dry slowly with another piece of cloth. If you want to make sure that the piece is clean, you can show it under some running water to get rid of both soap and dirt. Once more, wipe it down with a soft microfiber cloth. Remember that wearing jewelry while exercising, swimming, or gardening can damage the piece over time. Exposure to perfumes and other skincare products also negatively impacts precious stones. 

Caring for Your Citrine Birthstone

There is an unfounded myth that colored stones are more prone to chipping than others. Citrine is one stone that proves this wrong. With a hardness of 7 on Moh's scale, citrine has adequate resistance to normal stone chipping. Regardless, if you need a stone that shines brightly, you need to keep up with regular care and cleaning of your jewelry.

When you are cleaning citrine jewelry, stay away from strong chemical cleaners. If you wear the accessory regularly, dust can build up without you noticing it, and sunlight makes the color fade. Like many other precious stones, citrine does not do well with extreme heat and temperatures. If you are wearing citrine jewelry while sunbathing or in saunas, the stone may crack or fracture. 

Point to note: Citrine should never be exposed to X-rays because it will turn dark brown. Oils, bleach, hairspray, and other such chemicals can also alter the color and clarity of the stone. To keep the brilliance of citrine alive, only wear it at the end of getting ready, just before you step out. If the mild soap and water cleaning routine is not working for you, take citrine to an expert. No matter what, do not use ammonia-based cleaning solutions or an ultrasonic cleaner to clean citrine jewelry. 

In Conclusion 

Finding gifts for someone born in November is tricky because they have highly specific tastes. Yet, you cannot disappoint them with a subpar gift because they mean so much to you. An elegant piece of jewelry is one way to express all the feelings you have for someone. Birthstone jewelry is even better when you look at it. Customized jewelry always trumps scented candles and artlessly curated hampers. Make sure your gifts stand out this time around.

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