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Sapphire: Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

Sapphire: Meaning, Uses, and Benefits


There is no better way to feel like royalty than deeply colored jewels. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but what if you need something to bring some color to your jewelry? The sapphire gemstone has been around for centuries and has also been popular. Be it the Greeks, Romans, or Egyptians, the sapphire gem has been a favorite and was revered for its versatile properties. 

Since royalty loved the stone, there is no reason you should hold back from using this gem. Be it an engagement ring or a bracelet, think of how regal the piece will look, thanks to the deep blue sapphire. If you feel you need a break from the usual colorless diamonds and pearls, the bright sapphire is a great pick. At Diamondrensu, we recommend mixing precious stones and metals to create outstanding designs. Since sapphires go well with nearly everything, we are sure you will love your sapphire jewelry all the more. If you want to know more about this great gemstone, here is a quick look. 

Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone, 0.54 CT Pear Shape September Birthstone for Beautiful Gemstones Engagement Ring


Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone, 0.54 CT Pear Shape September Birthstone for Beautiful Gemstones Engagement Ring

The Gemstone of Joy and Wisdom

Sapphire holds a spot in people's hearts for its rich blue color. Interestingly, that is not the only reason it is a favorite. Derived from the words sappheiros (Greek) and sapphirus (Latin), the sapphire color conjures images of velvety midnight skies and deep oceans with its mesmerizing and regal deep blue hues. This means the Blue Stone, it's only from medieval times that sapphire has been called that. Until then, lapis lazuli was called so. Ever since it was found, sapphire has been assigned great meanings and roles throughout cultures. 

Even then, sapphire has been associated with the hope of love, riches, insight, and awe. The sapphire gemstone has been associated with nobility and royalty and symbolizes paradise. For the Greeks, sapphire was a channel to obtain the good graces of Apollo and people often donned it when seeking The Oracle. The use of sapphire was not privy to the Greeks alone. The stone has also been linked to the biblical Abraham and it was supposedly one of the adornments of the High Priest’s garb. According to the Persians, the blue color of the sky had something to do with reflections bouncing off the sapphire stone. 

As we progress into contemporary times, the gem continues to glow brightly and set itself apart. A sapphire engagement ring is incredibly tasteful. Interestingly, Diana, Princess of Wales, received one. It is said that royalty adores this jewel because it is believed to be an amulet that ensured their safety and enlightened them with wisdom. Nowadays, it is the birthstone for September and is often presented to commemorate the 45th wedding anniversaries, as sapphire symbolizes the beautiful bliss and wisdom a couple has attained through their sweet and lasting togetherness.  

The blue color of the sapphire comes from the iron content in it. The colors and the stone's associated effects change as the chemical composition varies. For instance, pink sapphire arouses feelings, infuses love with wisdom, and strengthens the heart. Then, there is the yellow one, which activates the chakra of the solar plexus, attracts influence and well-being, and promotes financial growth. The green sapphire facilitates introspection, encourages integrity, and promotes love and empathy. White sapphire is the best for banishing the haze, achieving pureness of heart and mind, and finding purpose and meaning on your journey. 

Most importantly, the blue sapphire's powers must be discussed. The special variety of the stone called the star sapphire has many spiritual and healing advantages you will desire. This gem stands for the sacred, intuition, and destiny, and is a reminder to follow your inner light. It has a special meaning for those who travel as it is reminiscent of a guiding star that leads the way and keeps you safe. Countries that mine sapphire include Australia, Kenya, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. In these countries and others, people use them as talismans for truth, as representations of enlightenment, and as a protector against maladies and negative energies. 

Sapphire Benefits

Apart from being a treat to the eyes, sapphire is said to have numerous benefits. The gem is known for its healing abilities and spiritual connections. Sapphire is a precious gem that lends wisdom, calmness, and focuses to the ones who use it. It is the perfect gem to own for people who want to usher in truth, keep their minds clear, elevate their consciousness, and boost their courage. The tales of yore will tell you that sapphire protects people from toxic substances and illness. Today, it has the application of protecting users against bad energies and vibrations that can make hearts and minds heavy, distracting people from their spiritual paths. 

Even though the sapphire birthstone is for September, it works for other zodiac signs like Gemini too. Especially for air signs, the power of Saturn comes through the sapphire to ground them, keep them focused, and provide some much-needed self-discipline. Libras also benefit from the grounding effects that sapphire has on air signs. 

How to Cleanse Sapphire Stones

Sapphire comes up to a 9 on the Mohs scale, meaning it has sufficient strength and durability. Thanks to this, cleaning the stone is not that difficult. Since it is a precious stone nonetheless, being careful while handling it is recommended. Mild cleaning solutions and soft brushes can get the sapphire in your accessories sparkling like brand new. 

If you need to keep the stone charged and free from negative spiritual energy, cleanse the sapphire with cool or tepid water. This is said to recharge the stone, as it responds exceptionally well to the power of water. Leaving it under the light of a full moon or smudging it with a spiritual scent like sage. Other charging methods include leaving it in the presence of other cleansing gemstones like clear quartz. 

How to Use Sapphire in Jewelry

From sapphire rings to bracelets, pendants, and earrings, the gem has been extremely popular. Opting for this blue gem might be a good idea if classic diamond jewelry is not your style. Since sapphire price is much lower than diamonds, it can be an affordable yet elegant choice. While getting your accessories with sapphires, it might be tricky to land on a style you love. We believe we have a collection that could give you an idea of what you like in your sapphire jewelry. 

1.30 CT Round Lab Grown Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, IGI Certified Diamond

The best way to get some color into your engagement ring is by adding sapphires to the mix. Before diamonds became the go-to engagement gem, sapphire was the most picked choice. With the modern bypass pavé shank and the choice of stones on this ring, you can have the best of both worlds. The colorless center stone and the sapphires surrounding it make the ring radiant and attract the attention of everyone in the room. Something blue for your wedding traditions is already taken care of with this engagement ring, and you also get a color theme for the wedding. 


September Birthstone, 0.64 CT Oval Shape Natural Blue Sapphire for Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift Ring

If you like playing around with precious stones and metal tones to create unique pieces of jewelry, then you need to take a look at this oval sapphire. Be it a gift for someone with sapphire as their birthstone or simply because you love the color of the stone, you can craft fabulous jewelry with sapphire. Paired with colorless diamonds, moissanite, and white gold tones, the result will be outstandingly elegant and regal. At the same time, sapphire jewelry can be worn daily to add a little color to your outfits. 


2.13 TCW Round Cut with Blue Sapphire Three Stones Engagement Ring

Have you wished for your proposal to be a bit old school yet royal in some way? If you have such a theme in your mind for your wedding, this is the most perfect ring you can find to suit that. With a round brilliant moissanite set between two gorgeous sapphires, this ring screams opulence and elegance. The halo around the three stones makes the ring even more attractive with the understated sparkling. Even though this engagement ring is a far cry from a simple band, you can still breeze through your days without the fear of damaging this beauty.  

In Conclusion

Sapphires are exceptional stones to stud your jewelry. The world has many precious gems in blue, but none are as iconic as the sapphire. With an influence on the wearer's physical, emotional, and spiritual life, sapphire has great benefits. Known as a gemstone of wisdom and nobility, it is worth the investment if you plan to get some sapphires. When you have the option of customized jewelry, never forget to think about adding some sapphires. 

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