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February's Birthstone: All About Amethyst

February's Birthstone: All About Amethyst


If the people born in February have to be described in two words, original and artistic are the best ones that come to mind. For a bunch of people who are brimming with so much uniqueness and creativity, a  purple birthstone that captures their essence is a must. As the February stone, amethyst is everything that the February borns stand for. Quirky, effective, and gorgeous. 

The February birthstone color, purple, makes its jewelry even more stunning. Amethyst might not be your first choice while looking for jewelry, be it for a wedding or some elegance to your everyday outfits. But amethyst jewelry will surprise you, trust us. At Diamondrensu, we love unique jewelry, and amethyst easily checks that box.

Attributes of the Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone with a rich history, each fact being more interesting than the next. For instance, this gem was only meant for the elites centuries ago. The color of the gemstone is said to attract good health, strength, and clarity to those who wear them. Protection from harm is also a benefit of wearing February birthstone rings. There also used to be a rumor that suggested amethyst brought sobriety to those who wanted to drink all night. 

Amethyst is the gemstone you should have at hand if you are ever engaged in a battle or a crucial business affair. It is said to allow the wearer a clear head and quick wit at all times. Keeping a clear head also applies to those who are madly in love. Amethyst is said to cure those lovers who are obsessively passionate. Apart from the sickness of love, amethyst is used to heal wounds in alternative medicine. 

If you are someone or know someone plagued by nightmares and poor sleep quality, amethyst is the solution. The calming effect that the stone has is said to bring relaxing dreams, bring clearness of mind, and keep the waking mind peaceful. Many astrologers and scholars have written about amethyst's ability to rid the mind of evil thoughts and sharpen intelligence. Amethyst jewelry is a stellar choice if you need a gift for someone celebrating their birthday in February. The gift symbolizes personal empowerment and inner strength. You can also make a fantastic gift of amethyst for a couple's sixth anniversary. Moreover, dreaming of giving someone amethyst is said to be a sign of forgiving someone, whereas receiving it is a sign of good luck.

If these qualities are not enough to convince you about the benefits of amethyst, then its ability to improve the skin surely will. It is said that rubbing a dampened amethyst on a pimple can cure it spotlessly. Though, this power of amethyst may not be for everyone.  

The Stunning Colour of the Amethyst Birthstone

Natural amethyst belongs to the family of quartz that is formed in volcanic areas. They are usually found as geodes in cooled lava. You can find deposits of amethyst all over the world, from the ends of Serbia to the tropical lands of Brazil. The color that a cluster of quartz obtains cannot be determined early. It all depends on the minerals mixed in the water, the gases present during the formation, and the contents of the volcanic remnants. Once this distills and solidifies, a purplish-red to lilac colored geode is formed.

The common purple tones of amethyst come due to the presence of iron and natural irradiation under the Earth. The stones can also show uneven coloring, called color zoning and color bands. If you want to enhance or change the color of amethyst, there are several treatments that you can rely on. However, once these stones undergo treatments, they are no longer amethysts, just colored quartz. Amethyst can turn yellow, green, blue, and red-orange when heated.

The vibrant purple of amethyst is a dazzler for the eyes. Thanks to the February birthstone color, the stone has been associated with many wine gods like Dionysus and Bacchus. Having this stone at your side makes you invincible in the face of vino and inebriation.  

Facts About the Amethyst Birthstone

When it comes to the fun facts about amethyst, there is simply no end. To start with, the sources of amethyst are widespread. Until a point in the 19th century, only Russia could be relied on for the February stone. Following this, large reserves of amethyst were found in Brazil, making it more commonly available. Now, amethyst is also found in Africa, South America, Bolivia, and the United States.

According to the zodiac signs, amethyst works best for Aquarians. It also has a connection with Pisces. The amethyst is also known to be associated with the third eye and shares a connection with the crown chakra.  

Often a question is asked, is amethyst a crystal or a stone? Here is the answer, amethyst can be both. The difference lies in the structure. For instance, when something is made of solidified nonmetallic matter, it is called a stone. On the other hand, when solid matter comprises ions, atoms and molecules arranged in repetitive patterns, it is a crystal. The species of quartz family are known for appearing in crystal formation, usually as a lining on something like basalt rock.

Another key fact that makes amethyst interesting is that, upon heating, it turns to citrine. Heat-treated amethyst that has a purplish yellow shade is called ametrine. Relatedly, amethyst is not valued based on clarity or carat like other stones. Here, the value lies in the vibrancy of the stone's colors. So if you want opulent February birthstone rings, go for the one in rich purple. Deep Russian is the rarest shade of purple you can find in these stones. This type of stone is rarely available, and the demand in the market solely determines its price.

Endless Possibilities for Creative Design

In terms of getting creative with amethyst, worry not because the possibilities are never ending. Using it in jewelry is a great choice, and the properties of this February stone are perfect for statement pieces. With a score of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, the material is vulnerable to scratches and damage, but the right setting can save you from quickly damaged jewelry. Amethyst was a popular option for engagement rings in the Victorian era. So, if you need a vintage-style ring, amethyst is the go to stone. Diamondrensu has a great collection of vintage rings for you to get inspired. 

The use of amethyst in engagement rings is seen as a good luck charm. Since amethyst is a symbol of passion and true love, there is no reason why you should not opt for an amethyst engagement ring. If not for a wedding, amethyst rings are said to bring calm and clear headedness to the user. If you are a generally stressed person, this stone might help you find healthier ways of living. 

Amethyst is also used in decorating living spaces. Most of the time, Aquarian and Pisces home decor involves amethysts or other quartz. As they give a Bohemian and cool vibe to the space, having these crystals in areas where a lot of tension brews can make a positive difference. 

Ancient civilizations in India, Egypt, and so on used amethyst as a valuable addition to their necklaces. If you have a statement piece or a simple pendant in mind, the intense purple color of amethyst can make the design stand out better. Bracelets made from amethyst beads are also getting increasingly popular. If you have an idea for an accessory, Diamondrensu can help you perfect the design and deliver the jewelry you deserve.   

Caring for Amethyst

As mentioned previously, amethyst is vulnerable to chipping and scratches from external forces. Abrasion can also be caused if the stone comes in contact with chemical cleaners and corrosive solutions. Since there is a chance that amethyst can be damaged by impact, keeping your amethyst jewelry aside while engaging in strenuous activities like exercising, gardening, swimming, and so on is recommended.  

Storing the gem in a box away from the sun, in a dark area, is integral to its maintenance. When exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, the purple color of the amethyst leeches away. Abrupt changes in the temperatures can also affect the amethyst negatively. In case you need to clean amethyst jewelry, wiping it down with lukewarm water is the best. If the water is too hot or cold, the color and strength of the stone are impacted. You can always rely on a professional to clean your February stone jewelry for you.


Finding jewelry that does not appear monotonous takes a skilled eye. Choosing the best pieces becomes easier if you know the colors and designs that work for you. Amethyst is a stone that works wonderfully for those who wear it. As the February stone, amethyst jewelry and loose stones can easily take a February born individual to their goals. Besides, the calmness and the serenity that emanates from amethyst make it appealing. 

Don't wait any longer, and get yourself some amethyst jewelry now!