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May's Birthstone

May's Birthstone

The craze for birthstones as an integral part of modern jewelry is not just a temporary trend. Since ancient times, they have attracted people's attention and reverence for their beauty and mystical properties. If you wear your birth month's designated gemstone, you can connect intimately with your subconscious self. Your inherent qualities receive a path to express themselves, and you can Mold yourself into a better human being.

Among the various birthstones, Emerald is one of the most valuable and admired, gracing the month of May. This beryllium based gemstone, belonging to the same family as aquamarine, impresses with its shimmering green color and exquisite cut. This May birthstone has adorned the crown and ornaments of many kings, queens, and noble personalities. 

Emeralds complete the quartet of precious gemstones formed by diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. You can purchase them from Diamondrensu in various forms, such as engagement rings, bracelets, and pendants. But before you browse your options, you need to know more about the gemstone, as it will burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, get to know its properties, quality indicators, and cleaning processes before purchase.

Natural Emerald Gemstone - 1.94 CT Emerald Cut May Birthstone for Custom Jewelry Piece

Emerald Birthstone Meaning and History

Emeralds have a long history as one of the most coveted gemstones across civilizations and eras. As a part of the beryl group of minerals, archaeologists date these May stones as more than 2.97 billion years old. 

Signifying opulence and royalty, they were one of the most prized possessions of monarchs who proclaimed their power through these gemstones. Egypt's most influential queen, Cleopatra, sported these green jewel pieces to stamp her authority and showcase her wealth. She even presented these expensive showpieces to foreign dignitaries and ambassadors to assert her dominance. Given their widespread popularity in Egypt, it should not surprise you that the oldest Emerald mines go back to 3500 BC in this north African country.

Since antiquity, people have linked Emeralds to intelligence and eloquence. Rare to find but soothing on the eyes, they remind people of the lush green fields, symbolic of productivity and fertility. 

Revered by cultures worldwide, this elegant gemstone acted as a talisman against various dangers threatening the health and lives of people. Furthermore, people believed these May gemstones possess prophetic powers and could determine the authenticity of love oaths. It could differentiate between love and lust and thus allowed young women to grasp the intention of their suitors.

Emeralds have a place in Hindu mythology and are considered a divine offering to Lord Krishna. The Greeks and Romans connect them to Venus, while the Vedic texts associate them with Mercury. Even the final book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation, mentions this gemstone as one of the founding pillars of the Heavenly City.

Where are Emeralds Found?

Historically, Egypt was the key source of these May gemstones, but the geographical locations have changed over time. While miners procure them worldwide, you can find their largest deposits in South America and Africa.

Colombia produces some of the most versatile and top grade Emeralds, and they have a typical light green color due to the presence of chromium or vanadium. Its neighbor Brazil and the African country of Zambia are also the top contributors of Emeralds. While the Brazilian variety has a darker shade, the Zambian ones possess a distinct bluish hue that separates them from other variants.

This world receives these gemstones from several other countries like Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, the United States of America, Nigeria, and Afghanistan, among others.

May Birthstone Buying Guide

Like other gemstones, you can evaluate Emerald's quality based on the four Cs, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. If you are enlightened about these factors, you will never end up paying more for an inferior piece. 


The May birthstone does not depict a wide range of colors like moonstones and tourmalines. Keep an eye on green stones with certain acceptable modifications like bluish or yellowish green. In this color aspect, you have to understand the importance of tone and saturation. Try to opt for a color tone that is not too dark nor too light and combine it with significant saturation to buy a supreme quality, Emerald.


Clarity is another crucial factor that determines the quality of Emeralds, consequently affecting their price. Unlike popular belief, it is natural to have inclusions in these gemstones. They possess crystalline, liquid, and gaseous inclusions, which reduces their transparency. If you find a crystal-clear variant, it may be an indication of a disguised gemstone. However, it would help if you looked for Emerald pieces with minimal fillers, as they are more valued.


Emeralds are cut and polished in their native rectangular or square step-cut shape. However, ovals, pears, cabochons, and other non conventional cuts are also popular among buyers. While buying, take into account the depth and symmetry of the cut. A uniform and symmetrical May stone with uniform facets strikes the eye in the first instance and can leave you mesmerized. 

The depth of the cut is equally important, and you should maintain a balance with the same. Ensure you do not go for an Emerald cut too deeply as it will not sparkle, with the light dodging it all together. Similarly, a shallow cut is not preferable as it will not shimmer brilliantly to captivate you with its beauty. 

Carat Weight

Like other gemstones, you can measure Emerald's value according to its carat weight. Larger pieces are rare and thus available at higher price points. However, color, clarity, and cut are the primary factors you cannot skip while buying these birthstones.

Natural Emerald Gemstone, 2.24 CT Emerald Cut May Gemstone for Custom Jewelry

Benefits of May's Birthstone Emerald

Physical Health Benefits

This May birthstone possesses magical properties that strengthen the heart and keep cardiovascular infirmities at bay. Its healing powers proffer relief and respite from life-threatening problems related to your heart. Furthermore, the gemstone reveals its talismanic abilities in cases of epilepsy, rheumatism, and ailments related to other internal organs like the liver, kidney, and lungs. They are also renowned for treating skin allergies, rashes, and related disorders.

Mental Health Benefits

The soothing green hues of Emeralds that reduce strain on the eyes foster a healthy connection between the mind and soul. It helps fight recurring bouts of anxiety and depression and guides you toward light and optimism. You can purge the negative vibes surrounding you and be in a safe and secure place mentally. Moreover, these gemstones clear the cobwebs of self-doubt and instill confidence to tackle problems head-on. It grants clarity of mind, removing delusions, and making your journey smoother.

Character Development

If you sport an Emerald, it can develop your intellectual quotient and boost your conversational skills. You can start thinking more logically and excel at being a researcher, orator, and other related professions. Emeralds also improve intuition abilities and incline you toward peace and harmony.

Emerald Birthstone Care and Cleaning

Emeralds are tough and scratch-resistant, measuring 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. However, compared to other precious stones like diamonds and rubies, they are not as hard as they appear to be. Although durable, you need to be careful in handling them as they are prone to develop fractures and cleavages due to the inclusions. Here are some fundamental steps you can follow if you own emerald jewelry:

  • Use a separate jewel case to store this May birthstone.
  • Protect your gemstone from sudden physical impacts.
  • Ensure your jewelry set does not have a loosely fixed gemstone that may fall apart at any moment.
  • Keep the stone away from unprecedented and drastic changes in temperature.
  • Use appropriate methods to clean and dry this gemstone.

Coming to the correct ways to clean Emerald jewelry, you can follow these steps:

  • Take a bowl and fill it with water
  • Pour a mild soapy solution into the water to form a frothy mixture
  • Dip and soak a soft and delicate cloth in the solution
  • Rub your gemstone with this non abrasive cloth to avoid scratches and other marks
  • Wipe it dry before restoring it to its jewel box

While cleaning and drying this gemstone, you cannot miss these precautionary aspects:

  • Never use harsh soap or rough cloth to clean Emerald ornaments.
  • Do not use alcohol to remove the impurities from the surface.
  • Ultrasonic and steam cleaning are also best avoided in this case.
Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.81 CT Emerald Cut Halo Wedding Ring, May Birthstone Ring

Wrapping Up

Emerald is one birthstone you cannot ignore if you are a May born. With a rich history and constituting magical properties, these gemstones are too precious to miss. Although these May birthstones are expensive and drain your hard-earned savings, they are worth the investment. And if you purchase from Diamondrensu, you can get the best market rates. Furthermore, you get access to free home delivery irrespective of geographical location.

Diamondrensu is among the leading platforms dealing in gemstones, moissanite, and even lab-grown diamonds. From engagement rings to bracelets, we have everything in store for you. In case of queries or doubts, you can get in touch with our customer support, which is available 24/7. Moreover, you can also schedule a meeting with us at your convenience.