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What You Should Know About May's Birthstone

What You Should Know About May's Birthstone

Jewelry is one of the most versatile and personal gifts. Be it an engagement ring, an anniversary necklace, a bracelet as a birthday gift, or treating yourself to earrings, jewels brighten everyone's day. What makes jewelry pieces even more special are birthstones. Every month has an assigned gemstone, and May has emeralds in its corner. May birthstone meaning signifies forgiveness, starting points, and compassion. The emerald birth stone represents love and care.

Emerald wearers exude charisma. People with emeralds as their birthstone are full of love. They believe in moving forward; they forget and forgive. Known as problem solvers, they are on everyone's speed dial during emergencies or conflicts. May born babies focus on building relationships through honesty, believe in open communication, and do not beat around the bush. If May is your or your loved one's birth month, you will find the perfect gift in Diamondrensu's exquisite collection!

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History of the Emerald

As one of the first gemstones discovered, emerald's history is rich and fascinating. The emerald birthstone has traveled places and lived through eras. You can trace one of the emeralds' initial appearances to ancient Egypt when Egyptians found the stone inside tombs. Ancient Egypt boasted of emerald mines near the Red Sea. Back then, people wore emerald amulets to honor and protect those who had passed away.

Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, seized the emerald mines for herself, taking ownership of the green jewel as beautiful as she was. Her obsession and adoration for emeralds knew no bounds. According to ancient Egyptian lore, she adorned a piece of emerald jewelry wherever she went. She also carved the praises she received from other royal families on her emerald jewels to immortalize them. Despite being the queen of Egypt, she heavily influenced Roman politics and culture—so much so that royalty and wealthy people also wore the gemstone to display their wealth.

The next tale of emerald's adventures dates back to King Solomon. If folklore is to be believed, God gifted King Solomon four gemstones; one of them was an emerald. King Solomon named his emerald ring 'Solomon's Seal,' and claimed it contained magical powers. He used the ring to defeat supernatural elements, summon gift granting genies, and converse with inanimate objects.

People believed emeralds gave them future visions. They also thought placing the stone inside the mouth protected the wearer from harm and danger. However, emerald took a short break from being May's birthstone during the reign of Saint Pope John Paul II. Impressed by the emerald's charm, the then head of the Catholic Church named the stone his personal birthstone. In the meantime, amethyst sat on the emerald's throne. Emerald re-claimed its position as May's gemstone in the early 20th century, resuming its official duties.

Emerald's Color

Emerald may birthstone belonging to the beryl family, with other stones like aquamarine and heliodor. Since the gemstone consists of chromium and vanadium, it has a deep, rich green color. In a dim room, the emerald's green color shines the brightest. Due to their color, people often associate emeralds with earthy tones, mountains, and birds.

Unlike other green gemstones, the emerald shade is stronger and more noticeable. A chemical reaction creates emeralds when you combine vanadium, chromium, and iron. Merging vanadium and chromium causes a strong reaction, intensifying the emerald's greenness.

What adds to emerald's uniqueness is its natural shades. The gemstone is found in various hues, but green and blue green are the prominent and most popular shades. Most emerald stones have slight inclusions, usually in yellow or brown. The only inclusion-free emerald is the green one, giving it exceptional clarity.



Emeralds in Jewelry

From engagement rings and wedding bands to party necklaces, emerald is a hit on every occasion. Its versatility ranges from being the perfect center gemstone to serving as the best side stone when paired with another jewel. Emerald, May's birthstone, might be May's specialty, but you can wear it any day of the year. The beauty of this stone lies in its ability to match every outfit and event. If your calendar shows an upcoming birthday, wedding, or anniversary, you will find the best present in Diamondrensu's catalog.

Celebrating Weddings

Chances of finding an available wedding venue in May are slim. Since May symbolizes love and compassion, couples book marriage halls months in advance to secure their spot. If you hear wedding bells ringing, check out the Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.81 CT Emerald Cut Halo Wedding Ring, and May Birthstone Ring. You can also add the gemstone as a side piece of diamond rings or bands to make the special day more memorable.

Celebrating Milestones

Life is full of milestones. Anniversaries, celebrating your 25th birthday, graduating from university, or achieving a career dream—milestones represent hard work, dedication, and commitment—something emerald stands for, too. Giving your friend a customized bracelet for graduating or gifting your partner an emerald ring on your 50th wedding anniversary is thoughtful and personal!

Mother's Day

Every mother deserves to know she is loved and cherished. While no present can come close to motherly love, a lovely emerald necklace with a meaningful message engraved on the stone will make her feel appreciated and touched.

Where is Emerald Found?

Finding beryl is the first step toward locating emeralds. While the mineral has left its traces worldwide, you can find it in India, Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, and Afghanistan. Similarly, you can find the emerald birthstone across the globe in the United States (particularly Utah), South America, India, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Columbia, France, Peru, and Germany.

Emerald Gemstone: Care and Cleaning

Emerald stands tall on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, ranking 7.5 to 8. The high rank indicates its incredible durability and hardness, making it resistant to wear, tear, and damage. However, regardless of its strength, the stone is susceptible to damage if neglected. Therefore, when caring for and storing your gemstone, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Keep your emerald jewelry in a separate box to prevent other jewels from scratching or damaging.
  • Store your emerald stone in a soft pouch or well padded box with thick lines for maximum protecting and avoiding surface scratching.
  • Keep high or vibration exposure to a minimum, as ultrasonic waves can cause cracks.
  • When cleaning your ring, dip it into warm, soapy water (use a mild soap; avoid harsh chemicals), scrub it gently with a soft brush or bristles, and wipe it softly using a lint-free cloth.

Emerald: Emotional, Physical, and Metaphysical Connection

Emotional Connection

Emotionally or mentally, the May birthstone's meaning stands for unbridled love and joy. While some people associate green with jealousy, in emerald's case, the color represents contentment. Wearing emerald jewelry brings you good health and happiness. During medieval times, children adorned the stone for mental stability.

Emerald binds the past, present, and future. It symbolizes generations and traditions, reinvention, and rediscovery. Since Mercury is the emerald's assigned planet, the gemstone also radiates peace, compromises, negotiations, and light. Mercury stands for knowledge and wisdom—something that also reflects in emeralds. It is said that emerald wearers are emotionally stronger and more mature. Additionally, the gemstone rejuvenates your mind, elevates your mood, and recharges your energy.

Physical Connection

In ancient Greece, philosopher Aristotle claimed that emeralds nourished the brain and protected it from aging conditions, such as memory loss. He also believed the gemstone cured epileptic episodes by strengthening the nervous system. In addition to treating epileptic conditions, emerald also regulates blood circulation, thus ensuring blood reaches every corner of the body, keeping it healthy and energized.

Emerald also prevents headaches, cures allergic reactions, and gives the wearer clear and healthy skin. It nourishes the skin, stopping acne, pimples, and rashes from growing. Emerald, May's birthstone, enhances memory and improves vision. If you experience stomach or digestion problems, emerald's rays can fix them. Sometimes, organs are overworked. For instance, running can strain your lungs, and alcohol can upset your liver. Emerald detoxifies your organs, ensuring they work properly.

Women wear emeralds to treat fertility and menstrual issues. They believe emerald helps them conceive, keeping them and their children safe. It also cures menstruation related problems, such as PCOD or PCOS. From your forehead to the toes, emerald revitalizes and strengthens every inch and part of your body.

Metaphysical Connection

In addition to mental and physical properties, emerald's powers exceed far beyond what the human eye can perceive. Emerald's green color is a mirror reflection of the bottom of the ocean—green or bluish-green. Just as the ocean breeze calms you, emerald also brings you relief and peace; it cleans your soul. The jewel represents your heart chakra, which symbolizes empathy and forgiveness. Emerald energizes your heart chakra, helping you make the right decisions with a clear and unbiased mind.

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Wrapping Up

May birthstone's meaning brings unrestrained happiness and love into your life. Emerald's green color represents calmness and contentment. Not only does the gemstone look beautiful, but you can also convert it into equally gorgeous jewelry for yourself or your loved ones. May is a month of sunshine, open roads, and new beginnings, and emerald is the perfect stone to accompany you on this journey. If emerald resonates with you, select your favorite piece from Diamondrensu's selection to pair with your outfit!