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June's Birthstone: Pearl

June's Birthstone: Pearl

Everyone has a spiritual side, which is outside the purview of science, encouraging them to believe in the magical powers of Mother Nature. You can explore your spirituality and become one with the universe in various forms, birthstones being one of them.

Depending on the month you are born, according to the Gregorian calendar, you can find traditional and modern birthstones for each month. And if your birth month is June, you get to choose from the pearl birthstone, moonstone, and alexandrite. Pearls, the ultimate jewels adored by women, have been recommended by astrologists to activate your inherent and untapped potential. 

You can get these timeless classics from Diamondrensu as standalone gemstones. Furthermore, you can also invest in pearl-based necklaces, rings, and pendants. But before you add them to your jewelry collection, know about their origins, significance, and other facets.

Pearl Birthstones Meaning and History

Several anecdotes and folktales narrate the story of pearls, catching the very essence of the human fascination with these natural wonders. Before the world got to the root of the origins of the Pearl birthstone, multiple speculations made rounds. Middle-eastern people described pearls as tears dropped from heaven, while the Chinese called them a by-product of the dragon's brain. Even Christopher Columbus and his peers felt that mollusks created these gems from dew drops before the world became aware of the nacre and its creation.

You must be wondering about the reason behind pearls' popularity and adulation. The quintessential white color of pearls is symbolic of purity and innocence. Given their untarnished and pristine image, it should not come as a surprise that they emerged as a widely accepted wedding gift. Furthermore, they have been the evergreen token of feminine energy. Women have worn pearl gemstones to assert their presence and influence their fashion statement.

Where are Pearls Found?

Unlike other birthstones, such as sapphires, pearls are organic and formed from the tissue of mollusks. You can find pearls cultivated in various water bodies worldwide, from sheltered lagoons to vast seas. Divers have procured naturally occurring pearls from the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, the coastline of Mexico, and Central America. Currently, the production of artificially cultivated pearls has been on the rise, with China leading the way in freshwater pearl cultivation.

What are the Varieties of the Pearl Birthstone? How are They Formed?

Natural Pearls

Natural pearls are harvested from mollusks without external human help. When sea creatures like oysters secrete nacre to fight against any irritant entering their shells, these June birthstones form organically. While they have been on the decline, natural variants remain the most valuable and revered among jewelry connoisseurs.

Cultured Pearls

Vast and expansive water bodies have been put to use to cultivate pearls artificially. In this process, mollusks initiate their defense mechanism to produce nacre when any foreign material gets forcefully inserted in its shell. Usually, technicians place a mantle tissue inside the shell to trigger a response from these water creatures. Additionally, they clean the reared mollusks and offer them protection from predators and other dangerous agents. Thus, human intervention is a must in the creation of cultured pearls, and their four prime variants include:

  • Akoya Cultured Pearls: Cultivated extensively in Japan and China, Akoya cultured pearls are quite a rage in the USA and other western countries. These June birthstones' color is usually white or off-white, and they find their way to classy necklaces.
  • South Sea Cultured Pearls: These are examples of saltwater cultured pearls harvested particularly by Aussies, Filipinos, and Indonesians. With their sparkling golden or silver hues and thick nacres, the South Sea cultured pearls are a variety to beat. 
  • Tahitian Cultured Pearls: As the name suggests, these are marine cultured pearls native to Tahiti and other territories within French Polynesia. While they are generally black or brown, you can come across different colors like blue, pink, purple, and others.
  • Freshwater Cultured Pearls: This is the most popular and commercially viable type of cultured pearls. The diversity shown by these pearls in the form of color, design, shape, and size is remarkable.

Benefits of Wearing the Pearl Birthstone

This June gemstone has been a status symbol for ages. It was a favorite with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the domineering feminine figure of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe. Pearls, on the back of their iridescent glow and exuberant charm, have snared the attention of female folks from ancient times. However, they are not simply gemstones that define wealth and power but extend multiple benefits. 

Medical Benefits

People believe pearl birthstones possess magical healing properties that can keep their heart hale and healthy. They also assist in regulating blood pressure levels and provide respite from bladder issues and other diseases like pneumonia. 

On the psychological front, pearls help you find calm and peace even in a turbulent environment. They offer the guiding light of courage and optimism in dark times when you would have lost all hope to recover and fight your circumstances. 

Character Development

Sporting pearls in the form of rings, necklaces, or any other jewelry piece can also develop and mold your character. They instill self confidence and make you realize your caliber, allowing you to excel as an orator, leader, counsellor, and other. Furthermore, they enhance intelligence levels, laying the foundation for a fruitful academic and professional life.


Pearls are known to establish healthy marital relations and are considered auspicious for a happy and fulfilling married life. By tackling anger issues in individuals, they drive off the root cause of most arguments between couples. Additionally, these gemstones fuel the desire to navigate and explore the world.

How to Find Your Ideal Pearl Birthstone

You can find the pearl birthstone in various shapes and hues. These organic gemstones, which do not necessitate cutting and polishing, are investments that require proper planning. Here's what you need to look for while purchasing a pearl based ornament:


Pearls have a characteristic luster that separates them from other birthstones. Their surfaces shine and reflect, allowing you to be mindful of their presence even from a distance. Naturally cultured pearls have a more distinct and elegant sheen and are favored, with their durability being on point.


Pearls with ultra-smooth surfaces set the bar for others in terms of quality. However, it is rare to find these birthstones devoid of blemishes, and minor indents are fine. Therefore, keep an eye out for variants with the least number of surface characteristics, and you may even contact an expert to help you with the same.


This June birthstone color has seen wide ranging changes over time. While stunning white shades are timeless classics and unbeatable, you can follow the trend and opt for unique colors. Brown, black, pink, and peach are some of the many shades you can try.


Larger pearls are more valuable and therefore come with a higher price tag. If you have the budget for extravagant shopping, bigger sized pearls should be on your list.

Nacre Thickness

The sheen or luster of pearls hinges a lot on the nacre quality. If your gemstone has a gloomy appearance, be assured that the nacre is thin and, therefore, of inferior grade. It is one factor you cannot afford to miss or ignore.

Pearl Birthstone Care and Cleaning

With these June gemstones measuring just 2.5 to 3 on Mohs Scale, they are not as tough as their counterparts. Therefore, you need to take proper care of these precious belongings, or they will lose their reflective qualities and dazzling outer layer. Follow these steps to maintain your pearl ornaments:

  • After every single usage, use a nonabrasive cloth to wipe the pearl to remove any speck of dust from its surface.
  • If you see more visible stains, stir up a cleaning solution using lukewarm water and mild soap. Then, dip a soft cleaning cloth into the solution and get rid of all the dirt without handling roughly.
  • If you have a pearl necklace with silken strands, do not dip it into the water. Moreover, let it dry before reinstating it to its jewel case.

Here are some bonus tips that can help you preserve the exquisite beauty of pearls:

  • Use a separate jewel box to store your pearls, away from other gemstones, to keep them safe from scratches.
  • Plastic has a detrimental effect on pearls and ruins their texture. Therefore, keep the June birthstone safe from plastic jewel cases.
  • Always put on your make-up before donning your pearl jewelry. 
  • Never use ultrasonic cleaners to cleanse your pearls of impurities.

In Conclusion

Pearl birthstones are versatile, and you need not be a June born to wear them. While people with Gemini and Cancer (June born) zodiac signs will benefit the most, you do not need to be left out. You can buy these birthstones at the best market prices from Diamondrensu, the go-to destination for purchasing traditional as well as modern jewelry. 

From moissanite rings to gemstones, you can find it all at Diamondrensu, which ships worldwide free of cost. Furthermore, you can get exclusive customer support before you make such a vital investment decision.